Monday, May 31, 2010

Her Priorities

One morning last week, I was preparing lunch while planning to toast bread for breakfast for Jillu.
I checked with her first and she said okay for the bread.

I was doing multitasking and preparing food for lunch as well ! She was at the back of me totally, running with me from kitchen to the fridge and viceversa, demanding to show her what I was doing (which is the norm). And just when I took out a half-coconut from the fridge, she said

"hey, adhu thengaa. Yedukkadhe ..."  (hey, thats coconut, don't take it) and when I look at her questioningly she clarifies further

"yenakku bread kuduthuttu, nee thengai odai" (You break the coconut after giving me bread)

P.S : I was running a bit late in the kitchen, but didn't realize she was that hungry :)


Sometimes, kids tend to eat or ask to eat whatever we (the elders) are eating. My mom always says this and I am reminded of this whenever Jillu asks for something that I am having during my meal time :)

And sometimes, I also share a bowl of fruit with her. If its something that she is not very keen on, then I first start having it without offering it to her :). She automatically comes to me, peeps in and is interested and asks for more :)

At one of these instances, when I had a couple of mouthful consecutively, without feeding her, she says

"Nee yenakku tharave illaiye...neeye saaptundu irukkiye ..... yenakku ?" (You have not give me at keep on eating.. for me ?" 

And this comes even when she is well fed already :) If one were to listen to this dialogue with no background whatsoever, I can't even blame them if they think me as a bagaasuri  or a female version of gadothgajan :)


  1. bagaasuri..if Punch happens to read this, she will give me the same title..

  2. LOL ... my cousin said this to his Mom @ a party. U never give me Kheer, u eat everything :P And this when, she hd just told ppl he does nt like sweets @ all :P

    Jillu hs her priorities rt :)

  3. And how about the times when you tell neighbours/relatives that your child doesn't like this or that....only to find them gobbling it up at that house like they've never seen it before.

  4. LOl!! chotu does that too.. "neeye ellam chaptutai" he says.. if only someone overheard him.. the "bakasuri" title would be mine as well!

  5. Timepass : Hi there :). :) same there hmm?

    Swar : i have heard this with many kids :)

    Jayashree : it is yet to happen to me with Jillu. am sure the day is not very far :)

    AJCL : u too chotu ? :)looks like they are ll forming a gang :)

  6. Kozhandhaya paarka vechu saaptaa vayatha valikkum :)))) nokku teriyaadhu ??

    Naa indha vayasukkum yaarayum paarka vechu saapada maaten, quarter adichaa kooda appa ku nu soli oru kutty moodi la oothi vechutu thaan adipen :)))

  7. Ha ha... super Jillu... :)
    I cant control my laughter at that gadothgajan :)

  8. Sat : paarka vechu tharaama saaptaa dhaan vayatha valikum ! naan thandhuttu dhaane saapidaren !

    Shilpa : glad you enjoyed :)

  9. I have a lot of company for bagasuri title,but ambuli is still not upto say this,presently the husband says it.

  10. AA : hahaha :) LOL :) thankfully Jillu doesn't say it yet as well :)


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