Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gyaan (III)

Her current obsession for dressing is pants ! Anywhere, everywhere and always, she wants to wear pants ! All the frilly frocks, non frilly frocks, skirts are all sleeping in the cup board safely.
This leaves me to find devious ways (even cahooting with Jillu's close friend's mom - "hey Jillu, your friend "S" is going to wear a frock today and she has asked you to wear a frock as well to school today" ) for making her wear anything other than pants!
Today, I took rest and let her go her way ! So naturally it was pants and tops again!
As usual she rushed away after getting dressed and I called her back !
"Jillu, come here. Bindhi is not yet done. Come on, fast !"

and then came the Gyaan !
"Amma, pant pottundaa pottu vechukka koodaadhu ! Asingamaa irukkum" (Mom, we should not wear bindhi while wearing pants ! It will look horrible!"


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Now, we are moving

on to Tattoos. 
She didn't know the word day before yesterday.

And yesterday, she had seen, learnt, pestered me for one and retired to bed at night proudly sporting a mickey mouse tattoo ! 

What's next ? :)