Monday, June 29, 2009

Tracking costumes

A trip to her paatti's home (my MIL's home) always calls for dressing her up. For her grandma is sure to take her taata in the evening - either to her friends house nearby or may be just around the apartment block. But taataa is for sure!!!

Last Saturday, I was dressing up my little girl before leaving to my in-laws place and I was helping her into a relatively new outfit (She had worn it only once before, a month or so back!)

She was all eager to wear it and immediately said

"Pudhu dress !!!" (meaning New Dress)

Wow!!! Now she has started tracking her costumes !!! How long before she demands a new dress?

Girls being Girls!!!

My little angel is a true girl! She being only 1.5 yrs old is neither here nor there :)

- loves admiring herself in front of the mirror at all times. Whatever may be the time, dressed up for a party or not, my love loves looking at herself in the mirror!

After her bath daily, she has got to look in the mirror. Toweling her in front of the mirror has become a daily routine now!

Whenever she changes her dress /wears a new one, she immediately runs to the full length mirror and admires and says "Nannarukku, Nannarukku"

- loves dressing up

"Keam pootttuu,.........pow pooottttuu, Mai itttuu..." is her favourite dialogue after taking bath or after her siesta... which means "apply cream, powder and bindhi and dress me up and take me out for tataa:)".

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ever the unexpected

Will kids ever act or respond as we expect? I think the answer should be a definite No

Normally, we both sing rhymes/songs (or rather I sing to her and she pitches in) when engaged in any activity. This morning, when I was bathing her, I was singing as I normally do "This is the way to take your bath early in the morning" . And then I asked her, "Morning na yenna?" (what does morning mean?) . I was expecting her to reply "kaarthaala" (meaning morning in tamil) as I had taught her yesterday. But pat came the reply


I am yet to figure out how she knew it was English. I had not taught her that and neither had any of my other family members. Will kids ever respond as expected?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A guilt salvaged

My guilt soars in the morning time usually if I have to wake up my daughter from sleep. That’s because I have to drop her in my mom's place before leaving for office. And the guilt soars even further when she's deep in sleep and refuses to stir.

So bad mom that I am, I resort to saying all kinds of things to wake her up

- will take her tataaa (trip to mom's place)
- will show her pigeon, crow etc (trip to my balcony)
- Anil koopadradhu paaru...( Squirrel is calling you, again the same trip to my balcony)

and the third worked that day because she loves watching squirrels running up & down

The next day, when she woke up on her own, she immediately said "Anil Koopadradhu" ( Squirrel is calling me)

It felt so heartening and lovely to hear my little darling say that, I cannot properly describe it in words

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Roles Reversed

Yesterday, the roles were reversed and my 1.5 year old daughter said "No!" to me for distracting her from mischief!

When she is up to some mischief or harm, I usually say "No, Saathvika, No" shaking my head and waving my index finger

Yesterday, she was up to some mischief while I was not looking at her. When I found her out, I started to take her away from that place and she objected to it by saying, "No, Saathvika, No " and shaking her head as well at the same time :).

I started laughing. She didn't know enough to substitute "Saathvika" with "Mom"

Saturday, June 20, 2009

How are you?

Saying "How are you?" and keeping a mobile phone (could be anyone's - mine or my husband's or my parents/in laws) near to my ear are parallel acts for my daughter. And then I would need to say "I am doing fine, Thank you". I will not be let in peace until I say that :)
Another way of using the phone is to take the phone, keep it in her ear, walk up and down the room and say "Hello, ummmm...yuh....ummmm" just like she sees us elders doing it...

While these are normal activities, today she stumped us further

We were travelling in the car to Vanilla's place and my husband got a call. I picked up the call as he was driving, however she did not allow me to speak. After pacifying her, I managed to wind up the call and she took the phone from me.
She put it to her ear and said "Lavaya pesar".. We were astounded..
I told her, say "Jillu pesaren...not Lavanya pesaren"
so she says "Jillu pesar"
Then her dad asks her "Jillu yenna pesaraa?"
She stumped us further when she said "How are you pesaren" - Wow !!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


I know kids could start asserting their independence early, but I did not expect it to be this early.
My daughter Saathvika is 17 months old and today she over ruled my mom and chose her own meal at lunch time & dinner and this is how it happened

After she wakes up in the afternoon:
My Mom : Thachi mammam saapidalaamaa?
Jillu : Naana...Pal
My Mom : Thachi mammam saapidalaam
Jillu : Thachi mammam Naana...Pal...

Pal.. Pal..

and of course she had milk then

My Mom : Kanji saapidalaamaa?
Jillu : Kanji Naana
My Mom : Appo mammam saapidalaama?
Jillu : Thachi mammam

and of course she ate curd rice for dinner

Jillu Yenna Pan ?

Amma yenna pan?
Appa yenna pan?
Paati yenna pan?

These are questions often asked by Saathvika alias Jillu

Hence "Jillu Yenna Pan?"
This blog is to record all that Jillu does ! Hope fully this will do justice to her :)