Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What she has been upto and Why i dont get the time to blog!

Hi Friends !
Its been a long time isn't it ? Hope all of you are doing great !!!

Life has been too hectic chasing this toddler !  

1. She powders her face with so much of talcum powder (behind my back , of course) that she can easily win a place as a clown in any touring circus unit
2. And with that makeup, she liberally pours water in the middle of the hall and is found actively swimming (yes, right there in the hall) ! All this when I am busy just for 2 mins!
3. I find my pair of house slippers down in the car park one day ! Apparently she had thrown it out of the corridor grill!
4. I never knew my soap (bathing soap) could be put to use in so many ways. I found her cleaning the bathroom tiles with my soap one day ! And at other times, she uses the same to wash her panties ! 
( She just cannot be dragged away from the bathroom, water, soap etc etc)
5. Yet another day, in 30 secs flat , when I was not wise enuf of her whereabouts, she had emptied half of some anti allergic cream all over the bed (mind you, just when I had removed the bed spread for a change and was about to put on the fresh one!)

The list is definitely not exhaustive, but indicative for sure :)

Needless to say, most of my time is spent in picking up, err, cleaning up all the mess that she manage to create :) and trying to invent ways to engage her time usefully and productively !

She is a little bundle of energy to be watched all the time :) As there are not many (actually, not even one kid) in the apartments that we stay in, its real boring for her and all that pent up energy does not find a release ! To keep her occupied and to get her in touch with kids of her age, I have enrolled her in a music class ! It is more of a sloka class rather than music ! Its twice a week and thankfully, she loves it !

Next week is a busy week for all of us :). With the weekend and the new year and more importantly for us, Jillu's birthday is around the corner as well :)
She is going to be 3 years and time really flies !
Advance wishes to all for the upcoming festive season and the holidays :)

Enjoy !!!