Monday, August 31, 2009

Story Telling

Jillu narrates the story on her own... Read on...

Jillu : Bruno paakanum... Bruno yenna panradhu.... (I want to see Bruno. What is Bruno doing?)

and then she fetches the book

Jillu : Bruno yenna panradhu, Kick the ball panradhu. (What is Bruno doing? Bruno does Kick the ball)

Story line : After this, Bernie comes along and asks to play with the ball and Bruno refuses to share the ball. So Bernie finds other friends and plays hide & seek with them.

Jillu : Inga yenna panraa.. Ducky kutti marathukku pinnaadi ozhinjindu irukku....paapaa kaanum panradhu... (What is everyone doing here? Ducky is hiding behind the tree. Its doing Peekaboo!)

Story line: Then, Bruno sees them playing and wants to join the fun !!!

Jillu : Bruno Chorry kaekardhu...(Bruno is saying Sorry !)

Jillu : apram yellaarum Kick the ball panraa... (Then everyone is playing Kick the ball)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rhyme in the names !!!

Pankaja Grandma has a new name !
The new nick name is Pangaji !
Geetha Grandma has a new name !
It has been shortened to Geethi !
Jillu is independently developing a new talent !
In naming people with rhyme in the names !!!

And is extremely delighted & glee-ful when she is calling them by these names !!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

3 kinds of moustache

Jillu Knows

1) Milk Moustache
2) Curd Moustache
3) Curd rice Moustache

Friday, August 28, 2009

Konji Konji - Nick Names !!!

Kids love being petted or pampered (Konji fied). I haven't heard of any kid who doesn't like it and Jillu is no exception. But the only difference with Jillu is that she decides when she should be pampered. She decides the when and the how !!

1. About Konji Thaathaa
She has named my Perippa "Konji thaathaa". Whenever he sees her, he continuously keeps pampering her, kissing her etc etc. He also made up a few songs to sing to her and she has been hooked to the songs and to him ever since. Now, all of us in our home know those songs by heart! and even if we forget, she is there to help us with the lyrics :).

a) The How part of decision making

When we start to say something else when we pamper her, she will immediately say "Appu Ponnu, Jodi Ponnu.." which is how the song goes. She doesn't want it our way, she wants it her way.

b) The When part of decision making

If we sing "Appu Ponnu" when she is not in the mood, she says "Venaam". The vice-versa is also applicable. When she feels the need for love, she will come to us and say "Appu Ponnu Paadu "

2. About "Adi Kanne" Maami

She has named the Aunty residing in our opposite flat as "Adi Kanne Maami". Whenever she sees Jillu, she says "Adi kanne " and then proceeds with the conversation and hence the name. Now, its become a daily routine for Jillu to go their gate and call "Adi Kanne" from there.

She is also familiar with all the terms we use to address her and now, its come to a point that she refers to herself by those endearments.

One day, when I was boiling some milk for her, I asked her casually, "Who is this milk for?"
Pat came the reply, "Kutti ku".

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Minima Mystery

Right from the first day that she started talking, there was no ambiguity and I could clearly always understand what she spoke.

There was no problem in comprehending her words in spite of the "Mazhalai Mozhi" (Baby talk), except for one thing. Sometimes she says this normally, sometimes its a shout and sometimes she screams.

And the word is

"Minima Minima"...

None of us have any clue as to what it is or what it means.

I am waiting for the "Minima Mystery" to be solved and of course, I will update here, the moment it is unraveled.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Stealing our lines !!!

Prelude : Once, I said "Adi Paavi" when she said something unexpected.


She was about to sit down on the floor when she said "Fan keezha Ukkaachikaren" (I will sit under the fan) and moved directly under the fan. I was staring at her astonished and opened my mouth, but then she preempted me and said "Adi paaavi"


More of the same :

1. Once, someone had asked her "Yenga Poiyuttu vare" (Where did you go?) when she came inside the house after an outing. From then on, everytime she steps out of the house (for even a smallest thing) and comes back in, she expects us to ask her the same and if we don't, she says "Yenga Poyittu vare"

2. Once, I said "Yen kitta varaadey" (Do not come near me) as a way of chiding when she did something naughty. The next time she was naughty and realized that I was not too pleased with her, she said exactly the same thing "Yen kitta varaadey".

3. When I put eye drops on to my eyes, when some one has dinner, she says "disturb panna koodaadhu" (Should not disturb)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ondraa, Rendaa

ஒன்றா , ரெண்டா , லீலைகள்
எல்லாம் சொல்லவே
நான் ஒரு ஆள் போதுமா , ஒரு blog போதுமா

For those who cannot read tamil,

Ondraa, Rendaa, Leelaigal
Yellaam Sollave
Naan Oru Aal Podhumaa, Oru Blog Podhumaa

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

She talks & talks & talks ...

Scene: She is playing with her wooden puzzle pieces.
Me : Jillu, inge vaa, jo kulikka polaam (come, lets go, take your bath)
Jillu : Idhu vachutu polaamaa (lets finish this and then go)

Scene : My dad about to eat dinner and is fetching his plate

Jillu : thathaa ku pasikudhu... thaathaa mammam sappida poraa (Grand pa is hungry. Grand pa is going to eat food)
and while he is eating, "Thaaathaa kai sappidaraa" (Grandpa is eating vegetable)
and while my mom is serving him, "Innum konjam podu" (Serve him more)

Scene : I am carrying her out of the bathroom after her bath and she is holding her toothbrush in her hand. Here granddad is also here and no need to say that she is waiting to go to him.

Jillu : thaathaa ta polaamaa ? (shall we go to grand pa ?)
Me : Ok. thaathaa ta polaam (Ok. we shall)
Jillu: Brush a vechuttu polaam. ( First, we shall the keep the brush and then go to grandpa)
Me : amman daa kannaa, brush a vechuttu polaam. (Yes. We shall keep the brush and then go to him)

Jillu : Bikki saapidalaama? (I want Biscuit)
Response : No Biki
Jillu : dhrkshai saapidalaama? (I want dry grapes)
Response : You just had... Not right now. Ilanir saapidalaamaa ? (will u have coconut water?)
Jillu : Konjamaa saapidalaama? (Shall i drink only little?)

Question : Geetha paati yenga irukka ? (Where is Geetha grandma?)
Jillu : Rathnammaal street la irukka
Question : Where has Mukund thaathaa gone? (My dad had gone to his house nearby for an errand and said he will be back soon)
Jillu : Dhanakoti kku poyirukka. Ippo varuvaa (He has gone to Dhanakoti street. He will be back now)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fav Songs & Rhymes !!!

Cine Songs

1) Minminiyai kanmaniyaai kondavalai yennidamxe thandhaal un annai unnai.. Oh.. Chachaa, mammaaa, papaaa..Oh...Chachaa, mamaaa, papaaa....
(she used to sing the chaachaa, maamaa part right from when she was 10 or 11 months old )

2) Thozhiyaa nee kaadhaliyaa, yaaradi nee penne?
(she started dancing first for this song when she was 7 or 8 months old... liked it so much)

3) meyaav meyaav poonnai kutti, veettai chuthum poonai kutti

4) chinna paapaa, chella paapaa...sonna pecha kaetta dhaan, nalla paapaa

Carnatic Songs

1) Ra Ra venu gopa bala, raajitha sathguna jai seelaa

2) jo achutha nandha jo, jo mukunda...raave paramaananda rama govindaa


1) Uyee, Uyeee-colgate ad.
2) G for H - Gold winner.
3) Than Thanaa Than - Sun Direct DTH.
4) Close up bubble Ad.

She comes running to see the tv the moment she hears one of these ads...

TV Serials
1) Krishna Leelai

Familiar with Characters

1) Krishna
2) Jai Shree Ram
3) Jai Anjaneyaa

She recites all the English & Tamil rhymes fully (from when she was 15 months old)

English Rhymes

1) Ring-a Ring a Roses !!!
2) Old McDonald had a farm, EI- EI- OH
3) Johny Johny , Yes Pappa
4) Twinkle Twinkle Little star
5) Happy Birthday to you
6) Chubby Cheeks
7) Baba black sheep
8) Ding Dong Bell
9) 1,2 buckle my shoe
10) Rain Rain go away..

She knows all except the second one :) She knows only the EI-EI-OH part there,right now.

Tamil Rhymes

1) Amma Inge vaa vaa
2) Adho paaru Kaakaa
3) Dhosai Amma Dhosai
4) viragaraikiradhum, ava vandhu ninkkaradhum
5) Yaanai, Yaanai, Azhagar yaanai
6) Thaadu, Thaadu Thambalam
7) Chinna Ponnu, Siru vaari ponnu
8) Oh, Onnara davara don
9) sangili bungili kadhava thara
10) Nila Nila Odi vaa

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Very Sweet Moment

Wanted to share this very sweet moment that happened just half an hour back.

Jillu was in my lap and she was facing me directly. She lifted both her hands to both my cheeks (her right hand to my left cheek and left hand to my right cheek) and caressed them softly and said "Appu Ponnu...."

"Appu Ponnu" is one of terms we use when we pamper/pet (konji-fy) her.

In effect, she was "Konji" ing (petting/pampering/cajoling) me and it was a very precious moment for me, one to be treasured always.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chorry Ammaa!!!

She slaps me on my cheek..
I glare at her hard continuously maintaining eye contact..
She says "Chorry Amma !!! " (Sorry, ammmaa!!!)

She deliberately drops/throws things (mostly it would be one of our cell phones ) on the floor...
I chide her and glare at her...
She says "Chorry Amma !!!
Me : "Yaaru dhoppu pottu udachaa?" (Who broke it by dropping it down? )
Jillu : "Jiyu" (Jillu)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kaakaa Ussshhhh !!!

There is a saying in Tamil

"Muzhu Pushanikaayaa sothula maraika mudiyaadhu" (You can't hide a pumpkin in a bit of rice)

Obviously Jillu does not understand that

Her latest pass time is to take any object (more often than not, it will be big objects like a big comb or parachute bottle etc), keep it in her armpit and say

"Kaakaa Ussshhh" ("Crow has taken it away")

Obviously, kids learn from us and now its her turn to play "Kaakaa Ussh" with us!

What is even more charming is the mischievous smile that accompanies it! My words will not do justice and you have got to see it to believe it!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Raja Ubasaaram Dhaan

Or rather Raani Ubasaaram, in this case

Jillu : Kaal Valikudhu
Her grandma : valikardhaa? Kaal pidichu vidalaamaa?

Her grandma follows it up with action and softly presses her hand on Jillu's left leg

Jillu shows her right leg and says "Indha kaal"