Friday, May 14, 2010

Jillu Talkies - Humor 4

Its become a daily habit to Dhrishti suthify Jillu at night before bed! 

Last night :

My mom was doing the rituals with Karpooram (camphor) and I was carrying her ! She was as usual reaching out to the flame and I was dissuading her ! 
And then, I told her "Jillu, Say Goodnight " ( I meant Say to Patti, of course!)
But, Jillu says with her customary salute "Good night, kalpooram !" in a sing song voice !


  1. She is so cute ... pass on loads of hugs from me to Jillu .. if she lets u do that :P

  2. @AJCL : :)

    @Swaram : oh, yes ! she lets us do that still! But when she is in the mood :). If madam is busy and concentrating on something, then we are goners :)

  3. so cute! vyas used to call the ritual 'Kaappukka' when he was 2. we are maintaining the name for varun:)

  4. LOL!... She is sure cute :)

  5. @Vidya : thats so shweet :)

    @Shilpa : :)

  6. So sweet that she respects even camphor!!


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