Tuesday, May 4, 2010

She's on the right path

for now ...

She made my day last Saturday :)

TV channels on Holidays and Special occasions air nothing but film after film through out the day !!! Saturday, being May day, was one such occasion.

My husband was as usual watching some film in the TV and needless to say, a fight scene happened ! These days, you need to search for the story in between the fight sequences and it goes to a point when one forgets why certain fight happens and between who. Yes ! this happened recently to my mom and I had to explain to clear her confusion ! sigh! Why can't people think above violence and make better movies? sigh again !

But getting back to the topic,

when Jillu saw the fight, she immediately told her dad

"Avulukku idhu pidikalai. bayamaa irukku. maathidu" (She doesn't like it. its scary. change the channel) . Yeah ! she still doesn't know to say "I" and "Me" :)

and then the dad could do nothing but change the channel. When Jillu saw a song in the other channel, she immediately said

"idhu nalllaa irukku" (This is nice)

I was so elated when this happened ! I always ask my husband to change channels and not to show her violence ! It does not always happen for some reason or the other and I am so glad that Jillu knows now to voice her thoughts and fear aloud and get what she wants !

Since Saturday, she has been re-iterating it and even last night she said
"Sandai venaam. Vera paakalaam" (No fight. we will see something else) for a mini fight in a tele-serial!

Jillu, I hope you remain this way and always support Ahimsa ! God Bless you!


  1. And we still believe that we need to teach children :) we should only be learning from them.

  2. Kids watching TV itself is not a good idea these days ya ... they are so sharp and hence they get curious on variety of things, so it is actually confusing of how to bring up a child.

  3. Good if there is no TV time for her,particularly tamil channels.But if she is choosy then its ok.

  4. @LR : u r soo right ! we indeed have a lot to learn from them! It is the adults who corrupt the kids and the younger generation

    @Sat : yes! discretion always doesn't work. always need to be careful of what the kid should be watching

    @Swaram : thoughtful ? :)

    @ambulisamma : when i am alone with her, she doesn't get any TV time. But thats not always possible with others around. Thankfully, she's choosy. Right now, her choices are songs, cricket and ummachi (God) channels

  5. Ditto with chotu on those rare ocassions that we watch TV. Im hoping, like you do that this continues..

    Im with you on the all the gore (so not necessary) that is dished out in the name of entertainment..

  6. @AJCL : Kids do know what is best for them, don't they ? yep ! not even a single movie is spared these days ! thats one reason why i am off movies and hardly watch any !


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