Friday, May 7, 2010

Color, Color, Which color do you choose?

Jillu's art using the Microsoft Paint Application 

Her latest craze : "Naan color pannanum Amma." (I want to color, Amma)

The fight for the PC has started before the fight for the remote :)

P.S : She chooses the color with the mouse on her own :). And do you notice the circles and the lines in between? She has learnt to choose the shapes from the tools and play with them as well


  1. Uses the mouse! WoW! Thats amazing. My little one is yet to figure that one out. She keeps pressing the right click all the time.

    Way2Go !! BTW nice set of colours. Frame it :)

  2. wow. Jillu. way to go. thanks for sharing. will try this with Momo too soemtime.

  3. superba iruku.. a budding artist..(ajcl)

  4. Wow! That's a lot better than watching TV. Pattu has yet to learn this - am so scared since she has a destructive streak in her

  5. @LR : Jillu doesn't know the existence of the right button :)

    @Momo's Ma : Please do :)

    @Swaram : :)

    @AJCL : artist laam onnum illai..oru kirukal ukku indha peraa?

    @Uma : Kids are inquisitive ! we call that as being destructive :)


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