Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thermocol Crafts

Here's our entry for the May Artsy Crafty challenge !

I had some thermocol packing material that came along with TV or Music system. Don't remember which one ! I thought I will use that to come up with some thing !

After great scrutiny (yes, it was too haphazard and could not be used as such!), I spotted a mini staircase form at one end and my mom spotted a sloping area at the other end.
So we combined both to make an 
Indoor Thermocol Slide! 

The staircase and the sloping portions were separately carved out, refined and joined to form a slide ! I used the back of a gift wrapper for the slide and the steps and the proper side of another ordinary gift wrapper for the body !
The view from the back side 

Jillu had great fun with making the dolls play on the slides :) which made me want to make some more and i took the next obvious step !

2. The Thermocol Jhoola

From the left over thermocol cut various lengths and made a swing out of it !
This time I wanted to try out a different texture, so applied water colors on the thermocol!

While I was busy making these, Jillu was busy chasing bits of thermocol pieces and colouring the left over pieces and asking me for the umpteenth time,
"Amaa, nee yenna panre ?" (Amma, what are you doing ?)
"nee Jillu ku yenna panre ?" (What are you doing for Jillu ?)


  1. Hey both looks gr8,and as usual your entry is on the last day :).
    We both colored thermocol using water color but its not sticking to it much,do you had such problem or some tricks were there?

  2. @AA : hehe.. last day.. yaah :)
    no tricks, just plain water colours. as you can see even in my pic, it wont stick completely. just try 2 or 3 coats. And apply it thick where its too bad !

  3. Hey! the 1st tip I gave was mix fevicol in ur water paints :p
    Good work. Linking it soon. ambulisamma.. send in ur entry quick.

  4. U need to link the artsy-craftsy challenge here. Provide a link to the post pls.

  5. @Shruti : I missed that or rather didn't remember that tip while I was painting in a hurry :). Now, i shall never forget :)

  6. Shruthi : Linked! Sorry to have missed that earlier

  7. Very nice idea Lavs.. loved em both..

  8. Craft pieces look very nice !! Came here from Shruti's blog

  9. @AJCL : I liked the idea of Jillu playing with them :) but the implementation leaves a lot to be desired still :)

    @PV : welcome here, PV :) and thanks for dropping by

  10. So cute .. Jillu did nt want to play on them or she must hv said some superb dialogues :P :P

    Like her art corner :)

  11. Swaram : I think she fairly realized that its not her size :) She jus wanted to make her dolls play :)

  12. hey nice one this is.. very creative.u seem to love furniture. last time was a chair. this time slide/ jhoola.. :)

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