Friday, May 21, 2010

"SO, What is your name ?"

We have been playing the name game now for some time and its great fun :) Each time, the routine takes a different route and is too difficult to explain ! At least for me. But I am going to try here :)

It all started with me asking her  "What is your name ? " and thinking to train her in English :)

There are too many permutations and combination thats confusing even to me (hilarious nevertheless). The new ones are always good, but there are also certain routine interactions that are funny and that never fails to bring a smile to my face :). Here are some first timers and some routine ones!

Version 1 :

Back ground :

Me : What is your mother's name ?
Jillu : (blank)
Me : What is yr Amma's name ?
Jillu : Lavanya
Me : "Mother" na Amma. "Mother" is English. "Amma" is Tamil. So what is your mother's name ?
Jillu : (blank still)

Her take on it later:
(this is the std version now from the above prelude :) )

Jillu : What is yr name ?
Me : My name is Lavanya
Jillu : SO, what is your name ?

Version 2 :

Jillu : What is your name ?
Me : My name is Lavanya
Jillu : what is your ... what is your ....(a pause...thinking very hard).. what is your...
Me : (patiently waiting, knowing what she wants to say, silently encouraging her to say mother, Come on Come on, we have played this many times)
Jillu : What is your.... (a tiny pause and then blurts)  Pankaja Paati's name?

Version 3 :

And on very good days, it goes like this

Me : What is your name ?
Jillu : My name is Jillu
Me : What is your Appa's  name ?
Jillu : My name is Sriram
Me : What is your Amma's name ?
Jillu : My name is Lavanya

And sometimes, when she doesn't like my answer ( god only knows why, after all i am stating only facts and names and names can't be changed after all !), she shouts and scolds me
"Oy, appidi sollaadhe" (hey, don't say that)

And what is the final conclusion ? That I should never even dream of taking up teaching !


  1. Hey, I think almost all parents go through this routine. Don't beat yourself over this :)

  2. ohh the English training.. i love this was "what is ur Pankaja Paati's" name? vizhundu vizhundu sirichen..
    once she gets a grip of the language and it graduates to the "butler eng" stage, its going to be even more fun..
    total lol post this was! please hug her for me!

  3. cute stuff. dont give up teaching.. there r gonna be many more instances am sure.. :)

  4. 'What is your Pankaja Paati's name' - LOL!
    Pls continue teaching lavanya... makes Jillu talkies more interesting :D

  5. Lavanya - what's your e mail id? send me a line -

  6. Hey enjoyed it a lot,sometimes when i try to teach her pistures,i get some hilarious moments like this.

  7. Cute one! Specially Pankaja patti's name! When Vyas was 2.5, his answer to the question was, "Hi, my name is mookku-nondi"! We were dreading this question in his school interview:)! Thankfully, he wasn't asked!

  8. @All : I meant i shouldn't dream of taking up teaching as a profession :). Obviously, being a parent, i can't escape teaching Jillu :)

    @LR : thank you :) glad to know i have company in this :)

    @Swaram : :)

    @AJCL : So glad you enjoyed, A :) The entire Jillu housefold finds all this so funny and we always end up in LOL. There are some more even more funny, but sadly i couldn't get it across here ! And Jillu says "Thank you A aunty" for the hugs

    @Momo's Ma : Oh yes ! i haven't captured all here, as it is !

    @Uma : Thats become the norm these days :) using their name in the name question :) Like "What's your mukund thathaa's name ?" and so on and so forth :). I shall email you, sure :)

    @AA : kids are so wonderful and full of fun :)

    @Vidya : And who kept that name ? "mookku-nondi" for him ? :)

  9. hahaha, probably this to is one of the top hilarious post of jillu that i have read so far. Chancaeee illaa, innocence at its best :)

  10. I enjoyed the pankaja paatti's scene very much. Both of you have brought instant fame to pankaja paatti.


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