Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jillu as a sibling...

Jillu is now an elder sis. To her little sister. The younger one was born in December and she has completed 3 months now.
Jillu is a proud sis, doing all that she promised. She is also slightly more possessive, clingy and J which is only natural. She is a sometimes a very mature 4 year old. Suddenly becomes a baby, sometimes a troublesome toddler. Sometimes, a lovely bonding elder sis.
Jillu, we all understand this is new for you as well. You have  got to share everything you thought as yours only -Mom., Dad, thaathaa , paati. And you are doing your best. Just as we are trying our best to manage both of you at the same time. Its new for me as well, your mood swings and your evolving personality.

I want you to know we are all proud of you and love you just as we did before. We love the way you talk to your sis. We love the way you help Amma by bringing nappies for her. We love the way you bring in the dry baby clothes from the clothes hanger. Kutti is only looking at you these days and we love the way you say "she will only look at me and no one else". You are so crazy about watching her bathing every day that we have had a big struggle during your school days all this while. Thank God your school holidays have started and now you can watch daily :). You are so impatient for her to grow up and you keep asking "when will she grow up? when will she play with me?". "When will she become taller?" Now that she has started to smile, baby talk, roll from back to front, you are getting the hang of it and kind of understand the baby milestones. But still, you are a kid and you are impatient for her to grow up and interact with you.

You also have questions like "Why did God make me be born before her?"
"Why not she first and me later ?"
which make me dumbfounded for a split second. You also keep saying that "You will teach her every trick in the book and that you both will trouble us to the core :) "
You go gaagaa and it gives you enormous fun when we say "ahaa! rendu perum sendhu yenna maa paduthureenga ". And initially, you also told us that you made the younger one be born just so that you could both trouble us. Though going by the above question couple of days back, seems like you have given the due credit to God, which is indeed right :). Now, I have 2 wonderful daughters :)

And to top it all, the little one looks exactly like Jillu did when she was a baby (at least to me) and you absolutely love it when I say "She is exactly like you and does everything just like you did".

To me, these months have been a complete recap of Jillu's early months, only with a miniature replica sitting right beside me. I completely love it and the new responsibility of handling 2 kids. It is like walking on a tight rope with extreme care which needs delicate balance. Admittedly, the tilt for attention is more towards Jillu right now, as the younger one is only a baby now. But as time goes on, the angle should keep changing till that balance is reached.

But that is for me and my problem, whereas this post is for you, Jillu.
Jillu, we all LOVE you very much and this post is especially for you to read when you grow up!