Monday, May 3, 2010

And the most talkative award goes to...

None other than Jillu !

yep ! she talks, talks and talks ! Non stop from morn till night ! Everything that she talks makes sense if you get down to her level. Mostly, we understand all and try to reciprocate. But some, we just don't get it !

She was talking all through the trip (we had been to a week's vacation) non stop! So many questions ! Her curiosity and inquisitiveness was literally transparent ! Only, after a certain stage it gets very difficult to answer the same kind of question for every situation!

Apart from the non stop chatter, She has also got the habit of asking "What" for everything these days ! I donno from where she got this idea ! Imagine being asked "what" for every single thing !

You give her cheese, she asks "What cheese?". You respond "Amul cheese", she still asks you "What Amul?" in Tamil

You show her the beach, she asks "Yenna Thanni ?" (What water?), you tell her "Beach water", she asks you "Yenna Beach?"

You give her milk, she asks "Yenna milk?", you tell her "Aavin milk", she comes back with "Yenna Aavin ?"

get the drift ? Imagine this for every single thing that happens to her through out the day!

I thought only we were the lucky ones to be exposed to this somewhat sweet torture, but no! she has gone a step ahead and started doing this to strangers as well !
The carpenter who had come to our home to do some quick fixing during the weekend has run helter-skelter and he's yet to return to complete the pending work !

Jillu : Nee yenna panre? (What are you doing?)
Carpenter (busy with his stuff) : Naan yen velai panren (I am doing my work)
Jillu : yenna velai? (what work?)
Carpenter : Naan ottaren (I am patching up)
Jillu : yenna ottare? (what are you patching up?)
Carpenter : paste ottaren (I am applying the paste)
Jillu : yenna paste? (what paste?)
Carpenter : Yemmaa, idhukku mela yennaala badhil solla mudiyaadhu ! inime pesineenaa naan yen veetukku unna thookittu poyiduven ! (I can't answer you beyond this ! if you keep talking, i shall take you to my place !)

P.S : No, that dire warning did nothing to stop the little devil ! The same trend continued and sometimes, even the same set of questions were repeated again :)


  1. Welcome bk Lavs .. so nice to read abt the chatter-box Jillu :)
    Hope u hd a gr8 vacation :)

  2. LOL..Poor carpenter haha..We are still in the phase where we talk to teddies and monkeys but talk everything that is told to us!!

  3. On behalf of AJCL as she is unable to comment here:

    //I looooooooooooooooooooooooved the post!!!! Jillu is so adorable and the mighty "what" phase is here.. enjoy it Lavs, i know it gets to us sometimes but to look at the world thru a kid's eyes while they get all excited is a great feeling. I loved what she asked the carpenter, btw did he come back yet? If he doesnt, his loss really..
    Nice to read a Jillu update after so long..//

  4. Ayyo...paavam carpenter. But seriously, in retrospect, these questions are very entertaining.

  5. this reminds me of that game we used to play... forget how it starts but goes like this in between...'enna rotti banrorri, enna ban ribbon, enna ribbon pacha ribbon....' and so on endlessly...
    you should try and teach Jillu this...she would pick it up naturally :D

  6. hey. really cute. the what phase has started here too. though its just asking " what is this" for evrything and no further. thanks for the advance intimation. i think i can look forward to this happenign here too.

  7. @Swaram : Oh, Yes ! lovely vacation! you will have to wait some more time for the updates ! You will have to excume me please :)

    @Timepass : welcome back ! its been a long time. How have you been? Oh yes! Jillu does that very well! talks everything we tell her ! that has not changed ! this what phase is just an addition !

    @LR : yenakku ippo oru Jillu orum ! my hands are full with her ! I cant handle this right now :( :)

    @AJCL : Thank you AJCL Aunty :) The "how" phase is also here :) But thats somewhat easier to handle when compared to the "what". The carpenter i syet to come back :)

    @jayashree : hahaha.. yes, indeed they are, however exasperating they may be !

    @Uma : hit the nail on the head ! I think it starts "biscuit biscuit, yenna biscuit"..I know several versions of these! its fun yaa.. we did tell her a couple of times ! not sure if she caught on to this and hence the "what" for everything :)

    @Momo's Ma : oh yes ! I guess all kids do this :) she also asks "How", but thats for another

  8. thanks. i had posted a comment after i came to ur blog thru artsy contest. dunno where it disappeared. but i have blog rolled u, so will be visitng regularly. :)

  9. @Momo's Ma : Thank you and always happy to have you here :)

  10. Good to see you back Lavanya! And the award for Jillu is well deserved:-)


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