Friday, May 28, 2010

Roles Reversed - 3

Last evening, Jillu was at her most co-operative best ! She let me prepare dinner with literally no intervention at all ! Both of us co-existed peacefully, so to speak :)

At the start, both of us came to a mutual agreement - that she would do her puzzles and I would cut the veggies, but I would sit along with and beside her ! She even chose the place where we would go about her business. And so it was that mother and daughter were sitting on the pathway to the bedroom (Thank god, there was no else at home then) and each of us were doing our stuff with amicable chatter. 
After a good 15 or so minutes, I had to go to the kitchen for an errand and thought would cut the remaining (only very little) stuff then and there. 

Jillu saw that and didn't like our agreement being broken even for a second

Jillu : Amma, inga vaa. Inga vandhu cut pannu (Ama, come here. come here and cut the veggies)
Amma : Varen da (coming )
Jillu : Inga vaa. Yen pakathula ukaandhu cut pannu (Come here and sit beside me )
Amma indulges her and comes back with all the paraphernalia

Silence reigns for a few secs as both of us resume our work. Then,

Jillu : Adi*
Me : ??? What ?
Jillu : Adi .
Me : Adiyaa?
Jillu : Amaam
Me :  Yaaru Adippa? (who will beat ?)
Jillu : Jillu
Me : yaara adipaa Jillu? (Whom will Jillu beat ?)
Jillu : Unnai (you)
Me : Aiyoooo..
Jillu : Ammaam. Nee kitchen ponineena, naan unnai adippen (yes, if you go to the kitchen, i shall beat you)
Me : ?????????????

Just who is the parent and who is the kid here ???

* Adi means beating someone


  1. Ha ha ha .. she sticks to her words :P :P
    Btw, I luv reading ur conversations in Tamil. Feels so homely and I get to learn more words in the language too. Thank u :)

  2. How nice! Sometimes we do this...only sometimes :)

  3. LOL. my god! jillu is a lil imp :) .

  4. @Swaram : u r welcome, ma'am. Glad our conversations are teaching you Tamil :)

    @Uma : yet to see if this continues here :)

    @Shruthi : :), oh yeah ! that she is :)

  5. u have got to keep up your side of the deal (down to the very last letter, which is why one has to be so careful while the deal is being made) and not deviate, till a fresh one is made..apparently this is a rule..

    this happens here as well.. felt nice imagining you guys at the passageway to the bedroom!

  6. @AJCL : yeah ! so i learnt very dearly :( :) will be careful next time i make a deal :)


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