Thursday, May 6, 2010

Movie - Debut

What did Jillu do on her first visit to the theater to watch a movie ? (well, it was not that she asked to go..)
- Sleep, Sleep and Sleep. From the movie start, right through the interval, till the end. Woke up on her own when the credits rolled.

And the end result : She still is oblivious about movies, theaters and the likes, thankfully :)

And why did her family subject her to this last week suddenly when they have avoided this for this long?
- Full day current outage in their locality. What will the mom & the grand mom do? Except look for escaping the heat at-least for a few hours? forced to hunt for some peace and A/C mainly. The only question her Mom asked at the counter was "When is the next show? and do you have tickets for the same?"

Shameless, I know, but...


  1. Must have been a mokkai padam :) that;s why she slept. Pls tell me you did not go to watch Suraaaaaaaaaaaa!

  2. ROFL :P
    She is a sweetheart to let her mom and grandma enjoy :)

  3. cool... she slept thru a tam movie fully.. great.. hope u n grand mom got the much needed rest.

  4. @LR : oh, No! she was never awake even for a sec to evaluate the movie ! And we actually we knew she would sleep because it was her sleep time :). And no ! we watched Paiyaa fortunately or unfortunately !

    @Swaram : Oh yes ! all 3 of us enjoyed the A/C :)

    @Momo's Ma : we hoped she would as its her usual nap time ! But we were just concerned of the noise/sound. But we needn't have worried :)

  5. Shamelss ellam illa.. desperate situations (full day outage) lead to desperate measures (watching mokkai padam).. but i wonder how she would have reacted to seeing the ahem hero, had she been awake..

  6. @AJCL : Thank you, A :). But I can't do this every time there's a full day outage :( summer is on and outages (scheduled and otherwise) will be a common occurrence :(
    No doubts o how she would have reacted :) she would have started her barrage of questions
    "Andha anaa yenna panraa? "
    "Andha akkaa yenna panraa?"
    "Andha anaa yenna paatu padraa?" and so on and so forth :)

  7. Payya!!! mmm.. you may be pardoned :)

  8. Nice way to beat the heat :-))

  9. Hey, I'd posted the same comment Jayashree has posted here, but is not to be seen! Must have missed hitting 'submit':) And let me say it again: What an innovative way to beat the heat!

  10. @LR : Thank you, Sir :) but really ! I wouldn't have minded even if it was Sura. ANYTHING was fine. The idea was to enjoy the A/C and if the movie was impossible, then sleep :)

    @jayashree : hehe :)

    @Hema: lucky ? not really :)

    @Vidya : yeah ! its ok once in a while :)


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