Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jillu Talkies - 11

Dinner Time

Jillu had completed her main course. As is the norm, I gave her her habitual cup of curd (which she lovvvess and usually insists on having it herself)
Me : Jillu, eat your curd.
Jillu: Amma, please, you feed me 
Me : No da. Can you please have it yourself? You usually do that, right ? And it is something that you love. Amma has some work. So, please go and have your curd.
Jillu : No, ma, you have to come.
(this goes on for a while and Amaa becomes slightly irritated)
Me : Jillu, Dont make trouble for having curd. If you want, you have it. Otherwise, its OK. you need not eat. OK ?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Jillu Talkies - 10

Dinner time and the little madam has had her share of food and is content.
Next is her Mom's turn and she is having hers amidst various distractions in between (What else but running behind this cute toddler?)

Kutti Madam gets restless  and

Jillu : Amma, nee yenna panre ?(what are you doing ?)
Me : Nee sollu (You tell me)
Jillu : Saapadariyaa ? Amma unakku pasikkudhaa ? (Are you eating ? Are you feeling very hungry?)
Me (ahaa ! OK, she is so understanding! Now I can have my dinner in peace!) : Yes, da chellam
Jillu : Amma, nee saaptadhu porum! Chaapdaadhe ! vaa ma! vandhu vilaiyaadu! (Mom, you have had enough! Dont eat! Come and play withe me!)