Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jillu talkies - rhymy vocab !

Several Months back :

Me : Jillu, plug yedu. Apram chocie, bikkie yellam saapida mudiyaadhu (Jillu, remove yr plug. Otherwise you wont be able to eat chocies or bikkies)
(If you are interested to know more about Jillu's plug, this would tell you more )

Jillu : Mudiyum  Mudiyum (can can )
Me : plug yedu, Apram unnaku  yendha school um kidaiyaadhu, chocie yum kidaiyaadhu (remove yr plug ! otherwise you wont get into any school and wont get any chocies as well!)
Jillu (in all earnest) : Kidaiyum Kidaiyum * (get get)

After a split second of shock, we were all ROTFL  on her usage :)
And thus was born the Tamizh word "Kidaiyum" in Jillu's house hold. 

Current Status :

The word is still widely in use and in fact used for all scenarios and situations by Jillu :) An addition to the Tamil language dictionary !

* For Readers not very familiar with Tamizh : There is no word called "Kidaiyum" in Tamizh. She said "Mudiyum " when I said "Mudiyaadhu"  which is a correct usage. But  she spontaneously said "Kidaiyum" when I said "Kidaiyaadhu" which is not correct .  She used "Kidaiyum" in the same way as "Mudiyum" rhythmically.  The correct usage would have been "Undu".

Readers, please excuse my bad translation here. I hope I have conveyed the essence of what she said and did!


  1. Infact, it shud really be added to the dictionary :P Sound so musical; helpful too ;)

  2. Reminds me of my nephew when he was three and we all went to the Elliots Beach. He wanted to play chase and he goes
    'Neeyum odu, naayum odren.'

  3. Amazing, P also uses the same thing still. And this too- po poi samaikku (naaan samaikkarennnu solratha vechundu)

  4. Cha ... enna oru othumai paaren, ippadiye thaan enga "youth" gang la naangalum pesipom.
    My friend will say "Machi, andha figure unakku madiyaadhu" and I will say "Madiyum ... Madiyum". Jillu and me have a similar sense of vocab la ... :)

  5. chotu says: amma please enna adichade..
    so cute.. kadayum of these days the elders in the Jillu household are going to start using this word..

  6. @Swaram : hahaha ! ever the staunch supporter :)

    @LR : ROTFL :) thats so hilarious :)

    @CG : P uses the same thing ? wooow !

    @Sat : "enga youth gangla " konham over aa therila Sat ? Plsss, indha compare panaa, yenakku thalaiye suthudhu

    @AJCL : so cute .. i can imagine chotu saying it.. adichade.. kids :)


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