Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Day of many firsts !

Yesterday was a day of many firsts. 

Jillu has been sick for the past week and she is on the slow recovery now. Yesterday morning saw her waking up bright and cheery and I was so relieved to see that. Not sure if it was a co-incidence or just that a case of her wanting to release all the piled-up energy, but yesterday saw her do many things (mischief /naughtiness or rather "paduthals" :) ). Usually it comes in small doses at a single time and she can be controlled. But not so yday. Everything that could happen, happened yday.

Morning Dosage
I was inside in the kitchen and suddenly I heard my husband shout my name. I jumped. He shouted "Jillu has gone downstairs. Run".She had walked out of the flat, went down the stairs and near to the apartment gate all alone while both of us were not watching. Thank god for the watchman at the gate , if not, she would have run to the road. The irony is that this happened only because our door was open as Jillu's dad was standing right there near the door, talking on the phone and giving directions to our home for a visiting guest(its always closed to avoid exactly what happened yday). She had run while his back was turned and he saw her only when she waved "taataa" to him coolly from the car park.

she did everything that is doable in a span of 30 minutes that I did not know where to start and what to dicipline her for. At the end of the span, packaged provisions from the kitchen were under the cot in the bedroom, her dad's cellphone lay on the floor split into two parts  (snatched away from his hand and thrown deliberately on the floor-she had stopped doing this some time back). Trying every few seconds to switch off the UPS and the PC. Need I go on ?

Dinner time
She literally tricked me. She had a few mouthfuls and I think had decided she did not want it. She insisted on me giving the bowl to her so that she could have it herself. She normally manages a couple of mouthfuls herself. So, a gullible fool that I was(yes, I deserve the title because I should have known better from the day's event till then ), I gave it to her not judging her mood and not anticipating what was coming. Once she had the bowl, she simply with no hesitation just inverted the bowl and all of her dinner was on the floor.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rhymes Combo

This combo is little Jillu's creation. Nowadays she keeps singing aloud just like that and this rhyme is something that came up new. She looked to be making up then and there while she was singing with no pause and with such ease....

"Menmaiyaaana dosai...
kutttty, kutty dosai...
Father had a dosai.."

Any guesses on the original rhymes  ? Its pretty simple :)

Update :
Answer to the riddle : The 2 rhymes that Jillu combined on the fly are these :
1)Dosaiamma Dosai
2) Inky Pinky Ponkey

Chennai Girl and lifeunderthesky: Congrats on getting it right.  
Chennai Girl was the first to get it right. 
Jillu conveys her sincere and heartfelt thanks to all for playing the guessing game :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hide & Seek

Would you like to play Hide & Seek with Jillu ? I will definitely guarantee a unique, fun filled and hilarious experience. But only if you play by her rules :)

Stage I :
You ask her to go and hide somewhere. She runs away and the moment you start saying "Jillu yenga kaanum" (Where is Jillu?), there she will come whooshing back to you in lightning speed and look at you so ecstatically and expectantly that you end up saying "Dho irukkaale" (Here she is!)

Stage II:
You tell her that you shouldn't come out of the hiding place and that she should be hiding till we come and find her. Then, you make someone else hide her. Then she is wise enough to say, "Kanna moodu" (Close your eyes). And if you just close your eyes, she says "Kaiyaala kanna moodu" (Cover your eyes with hands) and will point to a wall, so you got to cover your face with your hands against the wall and close your eyes while she hides. And then when you start searching for her, 5 seconds into the search, she will again be in front of you in a flash :). But mind you, you have got to say, "Dho irukaa daa"

Stage III:
The next stage is she will point to the place where she hid the last time and will tell you in all earnest "Ippo nee inga ozhinjukko nae. okvaa" (Now, you please hide here. Ok?) . And this will play in a loop

And the last one:

This is the latest. We both are on the bed playing, and she simply jumps up saying "naa inga ozhijukkaren" ( I am going to hide here) and goes behind the curtains right in front of my eyes without even asking me to close my eyes :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

in the making ?

A couple of days back, Jillu was generally creating a ruckus in the morning when her dad was about to leave for office. So, to distract her and make her listen, I said "Appa kilambiyaachu. Office poyaachu". (Appa has left for work)

Jillu immediately did a cursory check in all directions to see if she could spot him from where she stood then and when she could not find him, immediately went to the hall, peeped out into the veranda, and said " Appa innum pogala. inga dhaan irukkaa". (He has not left. He is here!)

Any guesses? 

She had just checked for the presence of his slippers in the veranda.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Love-y Logic

This happened around 15 days back, some couple of days before or after her birthday.

My dad had come in just then and she got so excited that she was not having her meal properly. She insisted on being with him and playing. It got so bad that my dad told her "Finish your food first or else I shall leave now". 

To that came the very quick comeback,
"Cha, Pogaadhe. Ipppo dhaan vandhe" (hey, don't go. You arrived just now!)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


is starting off from where we left off in the first place. Jillu has always been good at it. Whenever she wakes up in the morning, she will exactly start off  on the point that was last discussed the previous night before she fell asleep.

While I have been used to this, what happened a few days back still amazed me.

I was preparing Jillu to bed and she insisted that her dad come to bed along with her. Since her dad was busy with work, we tried explaining to her but she would not hear of it. So, he came to bed as it is while holding a couple of paper in his hands with the intention of going back after 5 or 10 mins.

So the usual bed time routine started and it looked like she was nowhere near to sleep. After some 10 minutes, I told her dad to carry on with his work. Jillu immediately protested when he left and I told her that "Dad will be back after keeping back the papers. Don't worry". She asked a couple of times again before she slept and I repeated the same answer every time. After some time, she finally fell asleep.

And, the next morning, when she woke up, the first thing that she said when she saw her dad in the bed was
"Appa paper vechutu vandhutaa" (Appa has come after putting the papers back)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Tit for Tat

These days I get back my own treatment from Jillu, a taste of my own medicine ! There's a saying in Tamil - "kai mel palan" :)

Incident #1
When I feed her, when I take the next mouthful of spoon too soon (before noticing that) she is still chewing on the last mouthful, she says 
"Wait pannu maa. Idhu mudinja apram " (Amma, wait. Let me finish this first). This is what I used to tell her to make her chew 

Incident #2 
One day, couple of weeks back, I had come home soon from work and was having my evening coffee. I had completed it and asked Jillu to keep the glass back in the kitchen. She normally obliges, but that day, she took the glass and as she was about to take it back to the kitchen, she noticed the last final remnants (foam/bubbles/froth- what is called as "nurai" in tamil and which I hate ) at the bottom of the glass. 
She gave it back to me and said, "Innum irukku paaru" (See, there is still some left)
and I replied "Avlodhaan daa. Acchu. Nee vechuru" (Thats it. Over. You go and keep it in the kitchen")
and then she says "Naa chaapadatummaa?? " (Shall I have it then ?). Saying that she takes the glass to her lips all the while watching me over the rim of the glass.
I stare at her as the realization dawns. !!! I am getting a taste of my own medicine 'coz that's what we do when she fusses for eating. We pretend to eat it ourselves or give it to some one else if she does not eat and it usually works too!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Old habits still in the fray

Have you ever seen a 2 yr old who can run at the speed of light, so to speak, crawling ? Yes. Jillu still does that and it is sooooooooo cute. She crawls whenever it takes her fancy and is so fast at it as well :). Just try running behind her then, she beats us easily. My MIL jokes that she will win first in the frog race when she goes to school. 
Sometimes, she comes at you crawling fast saying "Annna varudhu" (Here comes the elephant) and at all these times, I still get to enjoy the "baby" moments :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chone confusion

I am busy at the computer writing a blog post (not this particular post) which was supposed to have been published now had this not happened right now. 

My cell phone rings in the hall. I call out to my husband "Could you please pick it up" as he is near to the phone

"Better that you pick up as it will be for you anyways"

"Its very late. So it should be none other than your mom. Why don't you please pick it up and give it to me?"

"No. Its your MOM"

As soon as he said it, all of us were real confused and staring at each other coz my mom is sitting right here beside me.

And then the realization dawns !

Jillu is calling me from my mom's phone !!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


First it was the Denials, then on to Counter arguments. Now the reasoning has started.

This morning's conversation with Appa is a clear indication of that.

After giving Jillu her milk, I was making coffee. She saw that and immediately went to her Appa, who was still not yet quite awake

Jillu :Appa, copi chaapadriyaa appaa ? (Appa, will you drink Coffee?)

Appa : Ok..nee kudu yenakku (Ok. Give me) 

Jillu : Amma kudupaa (Amma will give it to you) 

Appa : Nee poi kondu vaa (You bring the coffee to me) 

Jillu : Naa kondu vandhaa kottidum pa (If I bring, the coffee will spill)