Thursday, December 31, 2009

POST No #101

This is indeed a milestone for me ! When I started blogging 6 months ago in June, the thought was just to pen down things on-line instead of writing in a diary (as I was doing then) to keep track of what Jillu does, for me to read later.

But then, I didn't know of the blogging world then and I never imagined when I started that I would be updating on such a  regular basis and that 100 posts would be done by end of year. 

When I actually think about it,  the specialty is that this blog is only for her, of her and about her :)  and nothing else. So, the real credit goes to Jillu for being so active and giving me fodder to write so many things about her. However, this would not have been possible without you guys. I thank each and every one of you for reading, commenting and enjoying JilluYennaPan, and thus encouraging me to continue in my efforts.

A Note to Jillu:  You have done much much more than what has been covered in these pages! For what is in these pages is what I have filtered and been able to put down and give a proper shape to. There are many other things which I (we) equally enjoy but do not figure in here. That's either because of your mom's inability to write well and do justice to you properly or because of sheer laziness sometimes. However, I shall continue to try to capture all that you do to the best of my abilities :) 
Here's hoping that you continue to bring us joy, well being and laughter into 2010 and beyond!  Wish you a very very Happy New Year, Jillu :)

And here's a special wish from Jillu and her family to all her readers : 
Wishing each and every one of you a very Happy, Healthy and a Prosperous 2010!
May all your wishes and desires bear fruit and may you all have a fabulous New Year!

Birthday weekend that was !

Friday, Christmas Day : Amma was busy shopping for Jillu's small party. Amma had got a black one piece dress for Jillu which she liked very much. But Appa and paati felt that it was dull. As Appa put it, " I don't mind even if she wears a night gown and cuts the cake, I am only saying because you are so particular about all these and expect perfection". After hearing this, what else would happen but for Amma scouting around for another bright dress (Mind you, Amma still likes the black dress! Only, one cannot take a chance when 2 people think its not not good enuf ). So, other than scouting for another dress, Amma also had to arrange for all the other major and minor things for the making of a small party

Saturday : Last minute phone calls for confirming snacks, cake etc. Drop Jillu at Geetha paati's place so that Amma and Appa could re-arrange the stuff in the hall and  decorate the room. Happy Birthday banner, Jillu's name in Golden letters, Mickey, Minnie, Pussy cat and Winnie the Pooh, all were to grace the occasion and hence all of them were put up on the wall. 
In the meanwhile while we were busy with doing the decorations, Jillu, you had told Paati that "Amma, wall la aappy birthday otta poraa" (Amma is going to put Happy birthday banners on the wall) . Now I don't know how you knew that at all. Did you hear me say some such thing to your Paati? 
When we finally brought you over to home, you were so thrilled to see the decor. The moment you looked at it, you said without a single hesitation "Aappy Birthday ottirukkaa". Again, you don't know to read, but I guess you have attended enough birthday parties for you to recognize the patterns. I can never forget the joy that you had on seeing that banner and other stuff. You kept repeating "Amma appy birthday ottirukka" every few seconds. You identified each and every one of the characters stuck on the wall. We had to really cajole you to go to bed. You came to bed only after the assurance that it will remain there and that you can look at it in the morning as well

Sunday : The Party day. Again, the joy of the previous night continued. Everything had to be done in front of the decor. 
Me : Jillu, ee thaekalaam vaa (Jillu, come, lets brush your teeth)
Jillu : aappy birthday paathunde thaekalaam (lets do it in front of Aappy birthday)
Me : Jillu, paal saapidu (Jillu, drink your milk)
Jillu : aappy birthday paathunde (lets do it in front of Aappy birthday)
and on and on.And when balloons were added to the collection, your joy knew no bounds:). And then finally the time came, your little friends came home and the party was on :). It went on splendidly. And what was decor on the cake ? of course a drawing of Dora. What else could it be ?

Monday : YOUR BIRTHDAY :). Amma and Appa had taken the day off to spend the entire day with you
Me : Jillu Dec 28 vandaachu, Inniku dhaan Dec 28 (Today is Dec 28)
Jillu : Polaamaa? (Shall we go?)
Me : yenga? (Where?)
Jillu :(as is your usual reply) : Cake cut panna (We can cut the cake)
Me : Naethikke cake cut pannyaachu da. Inniku naamba taataa poga porom (We cut the cake yesterday naa. Instead, we will go taataa today)
You went to temple with thaatha and paati in the morning. After that, Amma and Appa took you to VGP Golden beach. And what fun you had ! We never imagined that you had grown up so much in these one or two months. For, you had overcome your fear of both the sea and the rides. The last time that we took you to the beach, you were bawling your eyes out on the small merry-go-round ride and also were none too comfortable with the waves and the sea. But that day, there were no such signs and you just freaked out.
You never gave us a second look once we put you on a ride and you were lapping it all up and in fact you were extremely busy in making friends with your fellow neighbor in the ride :). You went to the extent of saying "Polamma ?" to a sophisticated adult ride as well :)
And as if this was not enough of a shock for us, we were further dumbfounded when we saw your glee in reaching the sea. There was absolutely no sign of inhibition in you and the only words that came out of your mouth were  "Wowwww.." and "Jammunu irukku" and by the time we came out of the water, you were totally drenched after playing in the water. No wonder as we had spent more than 1/2 an hour in the water.
More treat was in store for you, for we went to another birthday party from there and you again had a good time with the kutties there, not to mention the cake that you got to have as well :)
All in all, it was a fabulous day and we enjoyed it thoroughly as much as you did :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A start of another wonderful year !!!

Jillu, you turned 2 yesterday :). Happy Birthday, sweet heart. I know, we have all told you nothing else but "Happy Birthday" for the whole of the long weekend that just passed away. And what a weekend it was!  Especially Sunday and Monday. But more about that later.

The year has gone by so fast. It seems as though it were only a few months before that we celebrated your first birthday, why the day I held you for the first time in my arms seems as though it was only yesterday and now the second year is also gone.  You have been such a wonderful delight to all of us. You have won all of our hearts over and all of our every waking moment is somehow or other filled of your thoughts. Your naughty smile, your mischievous look, your cheeky retorts (yeah, you have started that as well, recently), every single thing that you do amazes us and gives us so much pleasure. Now, I cannot even imagine how life was before you came in to my life. 

You have turned my whole life upside down, made me weep with joy & anxiety. You have made me want to enjoy every moment of life, made me want to record all that you do. You gave life to this blog. You have made me look at myself hard and evaluate myself all over again. Now, everything I do or say, is looked at from your perspective first, for you learn and imitate all, the talking and the action,  from us directly. You have made me take the alternate path in life, taking care of you full time, for which I am looking forward to with much pleasure. 

Though I still wish that time would stand still and we can all enjoy you the way you are now, a cherubic little sweet angel that you are, we still look forward to the future.Your every progress & mile stone is much celebrated and shared with your grand parents on a day to day basis.  No one conversation ends without speaking about you. You have made us all run behind you with a slightest twist of your little finger.
Life has indeed blessed us with you and I am grateful for it.

Happy Birthday da Kannaa (I am allowed to say this again for this is the "BIRTHDAY WEEK").

I Love You and God Bless You !
We all Love You :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

My secret game with Jillu

Anthakshari is when Jillu gets the better of me even though she does not know it herself  :). But then I too play a game with her during the Anthakshari session known only to me, for she does not understand what I am up to yet and I take great delight in the secret game. I am in fact even glee-ful about it :)

Jillu : Amma, Baba black sheep paadu (Ammma sing Baba black sheep)
Me : Jillu Paaduvaa (Jillu will sing)
Jillu : aaaahhhh...(protest) Ammaa paaduvaa (Amma should sing)
Me : Jillu dhaan Paaduvaa 
Jillu : (decibel level of the protest increases to the max ). Amma dhaan paaduvaa..aaaiiihhhhhhhhh
Me : Baabaa black sheep and then a pause..
Jillu : Have u any wool, paadu ma
Me : Have you any wool and then a pause...
Jillu : Yes sir, Yes sir, tee bags sull, paadu ma
Me : Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full and then a pause..
Jillu :(waits for a few seconds to see if i will continue and then ) one sor my master, one sor the dame, paadu ma
Me : One for my master, one for the dame 
Jillu: one sor the little boy oos down the laame..(now doesn't bother to say paadu ma)
Me: And one for the little boy, who lives down the lane..

The day will soon come when she will realize what I am up to :). Till then, I plan to completely enjoy it! 
Make hay while the sun shines !!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


We, Jillu and I, sing songs before Jillu goes to sleep. Songs are from all categories - Carnatic, Rhymes and Cinema songs. We don't leave anything :) Depending on her tiredness, the session would last from 10 mins to 30 mins or would never end and would go on and on.

For me, even the though the syllabus is well known, I still have to be very alert and  up-to-date as Jillu, without knowing it, plays the very complex round of anthakshari with me. Here is an excerpt out of it..
Jillu : Amma "chubby cheeks"paadu (Amma, Sing "chubby cheeks")
Me : chubby cheeks
Jillu : dimple chin..., she will continue and finish it.. Then
Amma, little lamb paadu
Me : Mary had a little lamb, little la
Jillu : Amma, "Go" paadu
Me : mb, little lamb, Mary had a 
Jillu : Amma, "Go" paadu
Me : little lamb and its face was
Jillu : Amma, "Go" paadu (Its a shout now)
Me : Everywhere that Mary went, Mary went, the lamb was sure to go (and the remaining of the first line remains un-sung)

Jillu : vera yenna paadalaam ? mm?? (What else can we sing ?) Amma, Alai paayaudhe paadu
Me : Alai paayud
Jillu : Mootamathe paadu
Me : (pause..rewind.. think.. now which is this song? Ok.. here it goes..)
"Baja govindham, Baja govindham, govindham bhaja, moodamathe"
Jillu : Amma "Mohana venu gaanam paadu"
Me : (stop, think, ok,) "Yen Ananda Mohana venugaanam adhil, Alai Paayudhe"
Jillu : Broche vaa paadu
Me : (ok..  this is the beginning of the song.. this is straight forward..I can manage)
Broche vaa .... continue and finish the couple of lines..
then it goes on to cine songs and then gain alternates between all 3 and the game/singing continues and then suddenly, comes a out of syllabus request like this

Jillu :Amma, "Docomo" paadu
Me : ?????

And then, I learn the DOCOMO ad music next day and "Tuturu, Tuturu" (thats how the catchy tune goes for the ad) gets added to the syllabus :)

Want to play Anthakshari with Jillu? any takers? She could pick up any word from anywhere of the song and ask you to sing :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Liberty at its peak..

My mom to me: Lavanya, give Idli to Jillu
Jillu : running to me says, Laaviyaa, Jillu ku idli..

She has become too attached to her grand dads, which is not surprising at all. But,
The other day, she did not let my FIL out of her sight even for a minute. The minute he stepped out of a room  into another,
"Raghu, Nee Yenga Poiyutte ? Inga vaa..." (Raghu, where have you gone? come here)

The same with my dad...He gets a call and steps out into the balcony for better clarity and our little angel cries. "Mukund, Mukund. Mukund....."
Grand mas taken for granted.. No questions about them at all. She has been calling them by names for ever now. With me and grand dads, its relatively new :). For grand mas, she treats them specially by coming up with new nick names - variations of their existing names basically.
"Geetha, Geethi, Geethu, inga vandhu ukkaaachi " (Come here and sit).Yes, she calls all 3 names in 1 go too :)
"Pangajaaa, Pangaji," . She also just calls them simply even while having nothing to say at all.
Now, her dad is awaiting his turn :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Beyond boundaries !

Jillu is reaching out and learning beyond her boundaries on her own.

A few days back, I was busy doing something in the kitchen and she was with her dad. She suddenly told him something which made me start and stare in surprise !
I looked at her dad and he had not understood. No wonder !!! Sometimes its difficult to understand even the known things of what she says but these are new words !

She had just said,

"IKKADA CHOODU" ("See here" in Telugu)

I thought my mom had taught her. I was amazed when I checked with her and she said that she had not ! So where did she get that from ?

Monday, December 21, 2009

A wonder !!!

Jillu completed all the 2 piece puzzles on Saturday!!!

Sorting, matching and fitting the pieces is not the wonder. Sitting in one place and focusing on one task completely till it got completed is the wonder :). This is the first time she has completed all in one shot :)
Good going, Jillu :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The fly treatment

Fly and mosquitoes get special treatment from Jillu :) They are treated like human beings in the sense that she talks to them  or rather scolds them before swatting them away.
Here is how it goes...

She sees a fly or mosquito sitting on the bed from afar. The next second she is near that place and bangs her hands down right where it was and says

"Ammmmmmmmmmaaaaaa...naan adichuruven....ammmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa.." (Ammmmmaa.. I shall beat you!)  and proceeds to bang that area around where-ever it may be.

The "Ammmaaaaa" is said in the exact way we say it when we scold or chide her :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My caretaker

This morning we were doing our usual good bye routine when I was leaving for work.

Then Jillu immediately said "Ammma, kudai pidichukko" (Amma, hold the umbrella)
She had noticed that it was raining (I had not and I generally don't bother with an umbrella. :).Need an excuse for getting drenched, isn't it ? :) ) and hence I had to carry an umbrella when I was stepping out of home. 

Jillu, who taught you this? You have seen, observed, and deduced on your own :) Well done, my girl :)

And today, for Jillu, I did unfold and use the umbrella, even though, the rain was just a teeny bit drizzle
Thank you, my dear sweetie, for reminding me and taking care :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jillu talkies - Part II

Jillu has already started using some uncommon words (for the kids) and she is getting to know the nuances of tamil language. The bold ones below are examples of some.

Early morning, soon after she gets up, I start removing her sweater (its very cold now,esp in the nights) and she says "adhu paatukku irukkatum" (let it remain naa)

Jillu's dad asks her to remove her toys from the floor as the servant maid is sweeping the floor and she says "paravaaa illai"

Jillu, inga vaa potty la ukkaar,susu po (come here)
Jillu : Naa vara maatten ( I won't come - she is very busy with her puzzles)
After a couple of mins
Jillu vaa inga
Jillu : Naa vara maatten
After a couple of mins
Jillu inga vaa maa
Jillu : Naa vara maattennu sollitten (I already told I will not come)

Yesterday, we had left a sleeping Jillu in my MIL's place  to take care of some bank work. Jillu after waking up, "Amma yenge" (Where is Amma?)
MIL : Bank poiyurukkaa, Vandhuruvaa. (She has gone to the bank. Will be here soon)
Jillu : Jillu ku dress vanngi tharuvaa (She will buy me dress then)

Monday, December 7, 2009

The chocie story...

The time has come too soon. Much earlier than I expected or wanted :)
Yes, it is the "I want chocie" routine.
Till couple of weeks back, I had not given chocolate at all to Jillu. Well, she knew of its existence as she was identifying them when some one gave her, but I always took it from her (Bad, ain't I ?) and never gave her. Well, she was not pestering me, so why would I ? My philosophy was, wait till the time comes (as it is bound to at some point in time), so why hurry?
And the time has come :(.  I was hoping to extend it to another 6 months if not a year (yeah, yeah, i can hear your cries of "you greedy woman"), but then my plans were foiled by my friend's hubby who simply popped in a chocie in her mouth at their son's b'day party :). So there went my plans in the air :)
After this unfortunate (for me) and fortunate (for her) incident, I think my mil had also given her the small mittais that we call arisi mittai to Jillu one day. 

And the brunt was burnt by, not so surprisingly, by my mom :)
For 1 week, daily Jillu would say to my mom "Geetha Paati yenakku choket kuduthaa." (Geetha Paati gave me chocolates). Mom obviously just listened without responding
The next week, the same was repeated for a couple of days. Then when the indirect approach did not work, the third day, she resorted to the direct approach and told my mom "Paati, yenakku choket venum" .. hahaha.. LOL.. (Paati, I want chocolates)
My mom : Ok da.. Thathaa will get it for you when he comes home tonight
Then  in the evening, I come home first and she does not tell me anything about chocies. The moment my dad enters inside, she runs to him and says "Thathaa..vaa..choket vaangalaam..vaa" (Thatha, come lets get chocolates)

And then, as a typical mom of these days, I give hundreds of instructions to my dad about which to buy and which not to buy and caution him against getting her these daily and how it will become a bad practice and that it should be limited at the starting itself and so on and so so forth.. You get the drift, don't you?
Well, my dad gets so irritated by all this and he says "porum di...paavam kuzhandhai.oru choclate vaangarthukku ivalovaa" (Enough. She is paapam. Don't do so much for a simple thing)
and what does Jillu say ? any guesses?

She too says "Paavam Kuzhandhai"!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Doctor, Beach, Wedding,Cake etc

Can any one guess the link between these? No? Please read on...:)

Jillu : Jillu innuku yenga poga poradhu ? (Where is Jillu going today?)
This out of her own volition with no prompting or hints from us about going anywhere..and imagine her saying all these in a sing song voice with lilts, ups and downs :)
Me : Yeppo? (When?)
Jillu : Saayangaalam. Thoongi yezhundhuttu (Evening. After my nap)
Me : Yenga poga poradhu? (Where is Jillu going?)
Jillu : Pankaja paati aathukku (To Pankaja paati's house)
and then seeing my face
Jillu : No.. Balaji chlats...(hey, both are the same..Balaji flats is where Pankaja paati resides)
Me : No
Jillu : Namba Dr kitta poga porom..( We are going to the doc.. we had been to the doc twice in the previous week as she was down with fever, cold and wheezing. She is recovering now)
Me : No da..
Jillu : Beach
Me : No da 
Jillu : kalyaanam poga porom.(we are going to a wedding)
Me : (Totally surprised !) No da kanaa
Jillu : Cake cut panna porom (Meaning are we going to a birthday party ?)
Me : (Taken you to too many already?) No da, kanna..
Silence.....poor girl.. she was just looking at me post that with no other options coming to her mind..
Me : Naama Geetha paati aathukku poga porom :)

Now, you know about all Jillu's outings :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Johny reborn ...

Johny Johny
Yes, Papa
Eating Sugar?
No Perippa, No V.... (her perippa's name)
Telling Lies ?
No Perippa
Open Your mouth,
Ha ha ha

This is Jillu's version of the Johny Johny rhymes! Perippa is Jillu's dad's elder brother. I have no idea how she latched on to her perippa in this context:)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Can this be a toddler speaking? Should n't this be happening much later?

My mom is washing some vessels in the kitchen.

Jillu : Paati, adha vechuru. Pannaadhe. (Grand mom. you keep it aside. don't do it)

My Mom : yenna pannaadhe?  (what should i not do?)

Jillu :paathiram thaekaadhe. vechuru (dont wash the dishes)

My mom : (thinking she is saying all this 'coz of the impending taataa /outing) yen di kannaa? (why?)

Jillu : amma thittuvaa. vechuru (amma will scold - which is very true and i do scold my mom if she does the house chores. I always tell her "you take care of her and i shall manage the rest")

My Mom : aparam yaaru di thaeppaa? (then who else will do?)

Jillu : Amma pannuvaa. nee vechuru. (amma will do na. you don't do)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jillu talkies

Me : Come, lets go to the terrace before it gets dark
Jillu being busy with something else and generally not in the mood and creating trouble..So I leave it. Then after half an hour or so,
Jillu : Amma, maadi kku polaam (Amma, lets go to terrace)
Me: No da.. Its late..its getting dark. We shall go tomorrow
Jillu insists again and I repeat the same again.
Jillu then showing her thumb and fore finger in a formation of  an open O says "Konjoondu polaam ma" (Instead of saying for a short while, she says can we go for a very small amount?)

Me: Jillu, where is your kerchief?
Jillu : in the cot
Me: Where in the cot?
Jillu: Yengeyaana irukkum. thedu. (It will be there somewhere. search.)
Jillu does some naughty stuff and dad gets annoyed.
Dad : Jillu, it told you not to mess with those (in a slightly loud noise)
Jillu : Its okay, appa.. kathaadhe.. (kathaadhe means dont shout. she said it in the exact mix of the language-in english and tamil) 
Me and dad: ???!!!
Inspiration :she saw us saying the same thing to my cousin's pet dog