Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Of Rainy Dailogues !!!

Its raining in Chennai ! Can you believe ? A wonderful atmosphere (after the unbearable sultry heat) :) We need the lights on even during day time today :) And our girl is on a spree with rainy dialogues in spite of feeling under the weather for the past 2 days! Yep! again down with cold and wheezing  :(

She sees the rain and starts singing contextually "Mazhaiye Mazhaiye,  Po  , Po, Po"  (the tamil rhyme equivalent to "Rain Rain go away " )  and then goes on to sing the original version as well !

And then, when her dad says he is going to take bath, she says
"Appa, nee mazhai la JO kuli " ! (Appa, you take bath in the rain!)

and we are all zapped ! As far as I know, she didn't see anyone getting drenched and I tried to find out the same from her. But no amount of asking and nagging  helped ! (normally i get an answer of some sort or the other)

So am bound to think she thought of that on her own !


  1. She hs a brilliant idea .. what a refreshing bath thatz gonna b ;)

  2. And hope she gets well soon!

  3. ahh the much awaited "Laila"..enjoy till it lasts..
    may be she thght water (im assuming from the shower) = rain? but nice logic!

  4. Naangallaam appadiye therinjippom ;)

  5. @Swaram : oh, yes ! refreshing indeed! But not on a working day morning :) and thanks for the get well wishes :)

    @AJCL : she ("Laila") has flown away too soon :( A, I thot of the same logic :)

    @Vidya : Thanks, Vidya Aunty :)

    @CG : amaam, ammaam ! purinjudhu :)

  6. I would join the chorus for rain rain go away.
    Even i felt the shower logic.

  7. @AA : Oh, no, we need the rains AA. Only kids can afford to sing that :) not us !


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