Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You can't cheat me !

Jillu's family buys drinking water - the famous water cans! Well intended, yes! But, God knows how pure it is and one can never be sure ! The family's vote is yet to be cast on Aquaguards and RO's and others available in the market. But I shall reserve this analysis for another post.Coming to the topic,

It has become a normal practice for Jillu to hand over the cash for all transactions that happen in her presence.
Usually, the delivery boy comes home and delivers the water can once we order on the phone. Yesterday, as a deviation from the usual, a different boy, not the regular one(I have not seen him before, may be he's a new guy, or may be he's not) came along with another guy who seemed to be either a supervisor or owner ! Lets call him the supervisor for now!

The boy kept the can inside and left after taking the previously emptied can! I gave Jillu the money and she hurried after the boy outside, only to note that the boy was nowhere be found !

The waiting supervisor, naturally , extends his hands towards Jillu to receive the cash! Jillu, instinctively, withdraws her extended hand, takes a step back and looks towards the stair case, obviously still searching for the boy who actually delivered the can ! And she refuses to pay the waiting guy!

The supervisor was highly amused and the money was parted after I explained the scenario in simple terms to her !


  1. LOL!! Bayangara ushar party.ah irukkale..
    Kavalaiye pada vendam,pozhachuppa.
    And regarding Aquaguard i have a very bitter experience,i would strongly say a 'No' if you ask me.Other Ro's are more or less like AG,better to go with what you buy now.

  2. Woww! She is so so smart! She knows hw to lead her life well in this world :)

  3. Btw, I hd put up the author of a book as 'ur name' sday instead of Lavanya Sankaran :P

  4. smart u see,engala yaarum emaatha mudiyathu :P
    Reg water cans, we use branded- bisleri, though authentication cannot be verified reg the purity atleast it comes with seal and the brand name.

  5. I've heard from a friend that she found a dead roach in a sealed water can. Haven't had any such bad experineces myself, though....
    Jillu is growing up to be really smart.

  6. inda post ku title "she's on the right path, part 11" nu impressed..

  7. @ambulisamma : Hope this trait continues :) and yeah ! i am hearing bad about both. So just maintaining the status quo

    @Swaram : ahhhh ! So I ws a writer/author for a brief sec, thanks to you :)

    @CG : these days brand seals are also faked, so we need to be careful there as well :(

    @jayashree : it gives me shudders when i hear such things :( personally i have not had any bad experiences though thankfully !

    @AJCL : Oh, yes ! adhuvum vechirukalaam :) I was surprised myself when the scene unfolded i front of me


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