Thursday, June 3, 2010

Of Cheeky Talkies

Amma checks with Appa before starting for monthly groceries shopping "Cash yeduthundaachaa?" (Have you taken the cash ?)

Immediately Jillu parrots "cash yeduthundaachaa?" several times :)

I asked her what "Cash" meant as it was a new term for her. The reply was a very very sheepish smile first :). On further insistence, she gave a very knowing smile (she knew she didn't know) and  replied "Appa vechundu irukkaale adhu dhaan " (Cash is what Appa has with him!)

Amma was ROTFL


Jillu was generally fooling around with her dad and she slapped him on the arms suddenly.

Appa: (crossly) Haven't i told you before not to do that ? Thats a bad habit
Jillu : Appa. naan adikkala. Thattinen. (I didn't beat. I just tapped)


Jillu takes her dad's comb and combs her hair (knowing very well that its forbidden) and declares to all present "Idhu veshamam" (This is being naughty !!!)


  1. I love reading this little conversations with jillu that you post. Always brings a smile to my face.

  2. awww.. cheeky lil kid. must b really fun with all her witty remarks1 LOl :) kissies to jillu.

  3. She is totally unbelievable .. luved this post :)

  4. A naughty cherub indeed! Super Jillu!

  5. Lovely moments to cherish...
    Loved reading it.

  6. Jayashree : Thank you :)

    Shruthi : Thank you, Aunty. Kissed Jillu on your behalf :)

    Swar : Thanks :)

    Vidya : Varun is just getting ready these, na ?

    AA : thanks and I am glad i started a blog to record these!

  7. that look on her face when she says "idhu veshamam" and that sheepish look- priceless Lav's.. can totally imagine her doing it!

  8. Cash - that was a really smart one! Wow! Hats off to Jillu! Way to go!
    Episode 2 and 3 - similar ones have happened with pattu as well and totally LOL-able! :D

  9. AJCL : yeah! the sheepish look ! too good :)

    Uma : :)..all kids seem to be the same these days :)

  10. Titaxy, :) hope she continues the trend :)


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