Monday, May 10, 2010

Random titbits

**       A real self  Dabbaa (boasting), if you can ever see one :).

"naan yevalo azhaama chamathaa udambukku kulikaren theriyummaa ?" Yen kitteye indha dialogue when I am giving her the bath ( Am taking bath without crying. See, how good I am )
"Ava yevalo azhaagaa vechirukkaa paaru " (See, she has kept it beautifully)
"Ava yevalo chamthaa chaapadraa paaru " (See, she is eating like a good girl)

ad so on and on and on,

**       The time is always 9:45 for her.

"time aachu. mani 9:45 aachu. seekiram" whatever may be the actual time then :)

**        When we open the door to let some one (well known people like dad, grandpa and others) in, she goes "vaanga vaanga, ulla vaanga"  (Come in, Come in ) in her most base voice. Its so cute to hear that :). But she doesn't do this with guests :)

**       Knows her enemy real well !

One day, everyone was concentrating on something in the TV and no one was listening to her.
Another day, her dad was delaying her tataa by asking for a few more minutes, because he wanted to get some updates from news/ may be scores and was watching TV

In both the cases, her action was the same: "March to the TV right royally and press the "OFF" button in the TV straight without bothering with the remote 


  1. Ha ha ha .. Jillu never fails to amuse us :)
    9:45 thing is so cool!
    LOL .. she knows T.H.E solution for those who r glued to TV ;)

  2. Excellent jillu,a well done job on TV.

  3. See...she already knows that switching off the TV is one sure way to show who has won the battle.

  4. She sure does know that switching off the TV is the solution :P

  5. kozhandai ivlo cute-a, azhaga-a chollardellam ongaluku self dabba va teriyarda? tch tch...
    she must be sounding so cute when she says "vaanga, vaanga".. muah Jillu baby.. u chamathu chakarakatti..

  6. Lav's u wont believe what i got for word verification "rasati"..

  7. @Swaram : Oh ! she will be "glued" as well when something catches her eye :)

    @ambulisamma : :)

    @Jayashree : Oh yes ! but we dont let that deter us. We go right back and switch it back on ! :)

    @Shilpa : she knows that, yes !

    @AJCL : hahaha ..LOL :) kozhandhai solradhu cute-a irundhaalaum, umai adhu dhaane :) this goes for everything A. She does that for almost anyhing and everything :). Oh yeah ! she's damn cute when says "vaanga vaanga" :)
    and "rasati" ??? the word verification program must have got psychic to guess yr mood :)


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