Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Her (non-) Preference !

I didn't  realize how many times I had to get hold of my kid's chin in a day!  and I never would have but for Jillu !

I hold her chin  while

1) helping her brush her teeth
2) washing/cleaning her face during bath time
3) combing her hair
4) dressing her up (keeping bindhi and stuff along those lines)
While these are the daily basic stuff, there are of course other times, when I have to hold her chin as and when the situation demands! And what does she say each and every time ?

"yen chin a pidikaadhe " (Dont hold my chin)

Just how am I supposed to do all this without any holding her chin ? Esp #3 and #4 ? I have tried, but its too difficult :( I hear this dialogue so many times in a day :(


And she doesn't like it if I (or any one else for that matter) leave my hair (braid) in front. It has to be at the back ! If she sees it on my shoulders or in the front, then her dialogue would be

"adhu appidi irukku paar. seriyyaa pottuko." (See, its like that. Wear it properly)

It really irritates her and she cannot stand it. I can see that so clearly in her face. And, if I don't comply, she will come to me and do it herself! 

Poor Jillu ! Sometimes, she doesn't realize that I do it intentionally just to irk her and get that reaction out of her :)

Do any of you have such similar stories to share ?


  1. Ha ha what fun! I so wanna talk to her once :P :P

  2. LOL! We get so used to them that we do things intentionally don't we! I never miss my mother or MIL when they are not around... V is enough!If in your case it is the 'braid' in my case it is the 'pottu'!

  3. Oh, that is so cute! Vyas closes my mouth with his palm when I sing (understandably so!). Varun scraps off the bindi from his grandma's forehead and mine! And no cupboards should be open!

  4. @Swaram : :) sure fun it is ! we can try to arrange that :)

    @Shilpa : :)

    @Hema : Oh, Jillu likes to remove my "pottu".. daily :)

    @Vidya : same case with Jillu for the pottu. very sensible - that the cup boards should be closed :)

  5. The same thing happens here too...only, with the LG, it is the back of the neck that I touch while doing all these things....and she absolutely hates that. She also hates it if I rearrange the places of things in the house.


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