Monday, May 17, 2010

Her Gyaan these days !!!

" Nikkadhe. Ukkaru. Nindhaa kaal valikkum. Ukkaandhaadhaan kaal valikaadhu"
to  whomsoever is standing near her! And she does not rest until we sit ! How is that ? :)

Translation : Do not stand. Sit. Your legs will pain if you stand. Only if you sit, they shall not pain


  1. So sweet of jillu!!!
    I think tis is out of her personal experience!!

  2. so sweet! and so concerned is Ms Jillu :)

  3. @Shilpa : :)

    @Swaram, Uma : haha.. may be more like she wants the person to sit beside her :)

    @AA : :) or may be just parroting :)

  4. I wish Jillu continues to be like this:)

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