Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A mad rush again!

This time again, its the last minute rush! 

I am reminded of many sayings in Tamil 
- yevalo kuppara vizhundhaalum meesaila man ottradhu dhaan ottum
-chattiyil irundhaa dhaan aapail avarum 
and so many others. (non-Tamizhians, please excuse me. All these roughly means that  basically that you need to have inherent talent in you in the first place to do well and that I am trying out stuff (art) that does not come easily to me and it shows :) ! )

However, not stopping with the March entry, I have gone ahead with April and here's our entry to April month's Artsy crafty challenge! And today is the last day !

There will be some words which you will be familiar with, but will not know great details about it. Do you know of any such words? "Papier mache" was one such word for me. Knew it, but didn't know much about it as well ! As usual, google became the "Aabath baandavan!"

So, this is my first attempt at papier mache and did the basic stuff for the first time!

So, here's the papier mache chair!

I prepared the form for the chair using just card board strips. Cut out appropriate lengths of cardboard and stuck them together to form the chair.
This was followed by 2 layering of papers. I wanted to do 4, but due to lack of time, stopped with 2. 
After allowing to dry, I used acrylic paint to color the chair!

Recipe for papier mache paste : Mix 1 cup flour with 1 cup (may be even less) water to glue consistency without forming any lumps.

There are still lots of rough edges in the corners and they need to be smoothened out! But one has only so much patience at midnight :) That was the only time I could manage and the result shows :)  It took me 1 hr for preparing the chair and 1 hr each for the 2 layers of paper mache and 1 more hr for painting. The rest of the time was basically for drying

Now that I have completed one, hoping to try out more and come up with better ones than these hopefully!

I actually wanted to make beads and a necklace/bracelet out of them as a second attempt and then present that to the challenge, but didn't find enough time for that ! But anyways planning to try it out in leisure.


  1. Wonderful :) Putting it up now!!
    I admire ur tenacity..

  2. That looks real cute Lavs .. hats off to u. The first attempt itself is awesome :)
    Gud luck :)

  3. It looks real good.So far i was thinking paper machie is something in which you soak old papers and grind it to a glue consistency,how ignorant was i.
    Well,if you do that bead stuff,do publish it here.

  4. @Shruthi : thank you :)

    @Swaram : u r being too generous, Swaram. This is nowhere as good as u describe ! But, thank you!

    @ambuisammma : you are not wrong! soaking and grinding and bringing it to a form is also one kind of papier mache! it depends on what we are about to make! your recipe is best suited for necklace and beads ! but, if we you need to make, bowls, and other stuff, then you chose a form, paste layers of paper over it and then color as needed!

    @Shilpa : thank you :) but no where near what i would have liked it to be !

  5. naiceee.. i liked the concept.. so did Jillu enjoy getting all messy all over??

  6. @AJCL : Jillu enjoyed reeling off the tape when I was forming the chair :) and she gave me heart stopping moments when she wanted to use the scisors and all. But as the actual meesy work was done at midnight, she was not party to it :(. Next time, she will be there :)

  7. Nice one Lavanya! Ice-cream sticks are very handy for such crafts! Btw, even I thought that 'papier mache' had to do with soaked/ground/mashed papers! Thanks for the recipe..

  8. Hey, this looks really cute! Pattu would love this - should try it at home...she is very fond of small fancy chairs...
    Did jillu want to sit on it :D ?

  9. awarded - pls collect it

  10. woooo woooooooo getting really craft!!! All d best!!

  11. Looks really nice. So, paper mache doesn't really have to have paper in it???

  12. oh ithuthaan paper mache ist? Its an enlightenment really for me. And the idea , making etc too good.
    Wonderful really.

  13. @Vidya : paper mache has different recipes i guess :)

    @Uma : Thnks :) Jillu wanted to sit her Dolly on it :)

    @Swetha : dank u :)

    @Jayashree : adhucum paer mache, idhuvum paper mache

    @CG : Thanks


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