Friday, October 30, 2009

Denials - the No's and the Won'ts

have started

Jillu, Come here. lets brush your teeth
Response : Naa vara maatten (I will not come)

Special note : The "Naa vara maatten" is said so cutely and nicely with musical tones( if I knew music, I would be writing the exact music notes here of how she says that with a lenghthy "Naa", expanded "vara" and difficult to describe "maatten") that it is very difficult to take objection to it and only makes you smile. If only parenting is that simple. However, we cannot just heed to such talk, smile  and leave it. We need to move on, right ?

Jillu, Come, lets go to take your bath
Response : Naa vara maatten (I will not come)

Jillu, Give me the stove lighter. Its dangerous.
Response : Naa kudukka maatten (I will not give)

and so on and so forth....

"Naan vara maatten" seems to be the mantra for anything and everything these days


  1. wow :-) i remember my daughter doing this too....they love to say "No" !!

  2. so cute Jillu.. ur antics are very nice and ur amma chronicles it also very well..

  3. @JB : yeah, they do, don't they?

    @AJCL : glad you enjoy them and thanks for the so very nice compliment :)

  4. arambhichutaangaya... ini non -stop no sense..
    indha madiri no sollara madiri questions kekum bodhu takkunu choclate venumanu kelunga.. adhukkum no solra la paapom..

  5. @Vishnu : i dont give her chocolates :).. adhukku innum niraiya time irukku :)


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