Sunday, October 11, 2009

Warning sign to be heeded

Jillu has started understanding, comprehending conversations and deriving conclusions out of it !

Last week, me and Jillu were staring from our mom's place when it started to drizzle. We went under the shade and I was pondering if I could reach home before it started to pour (distance being just 5 mins away)

Just then my dad came. I requested him, "Appa, why dont you help as it is just going to be 2 mins?". My dad acquiesced.

Then my daughter immediately says to a neighbour standing nearby
"Naan thathaa oda bike la tata poga poren" (I am going tata in bike !!!)

The point here, if you had not already noticed, is that there was no mention of bike in our conversation :)


  1. evolution ah..moonu avar lab period.. intha blog padichu mokkailendhu

  2. ippavae kalakkara unga ponnu..

  3. Fertile imagination, I can see :D


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