Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fascinating Interests

Jillu, You are such an inquisitive child.You keep asking lots of questions and you have fascinating interests, ie your interests in such things fascinate me.  I have listed out all things that fascinate you currently. Though this may not be the complete list, I have tried to list all I can.

1) The kitchen sink tap has a filter and there is a fan mechanism for the water to flow out in a shower fashion. You noticed that minute detail and keep asking "chuthardhu paakanum "(Want to see the rotation!)

2) After you finish your meal, you insist that you need to put the empty bowl in the sink (however,more often than not, its a throw) and after that I will have to lift you so that you can see the bowl and the spoon in the sink for yourself.

3)You have a fascination for the spices and the pulses. By now, you know all the names of the spices that are kept at the front in all our shelves in the kitchen. You know salt, sugar, dal names, turmeric, Dhaniyaa (coriander seeds) and especially Dhaniyaa has a special hold on you.  There have been several days when you woke up with the request for "Dhaniyaa paakanum" (Want to see Dhaniyaa). You will bestow the responsibility of lifting you (so that you can list all the items to them) to whoever is standing in the kitchen.

May be you will become a great cook and take up hotel management?

4) I carry a stamp size photo of our family (you, me and appa) in my hand bag and you were only 6 months old when that photo was taken. Every day, when I take my bag, you demand to see "kutty paapu " (small baby - you call yourself kutty paapu). And as a very good girl, return it to me after taking a look at it. This has become our daily routine :)

5) Every time you visit the bathroom, you want to the see the WC flushing

6) And I am going to let out a secret with this one. What should anyone do to capture your interest or to keep you quiet? Its very simple. Any empty box or bottle will suffice. You have such a fascination for boxes and bottles. You can roam all day with just a box and a bottle. My !!!

7) And you also have a fascination for the broom/mop. You just wait for someone -either the servant maid or us to take it out (you would take it yourself if it was reachable for you, but knowing your penchant we leave it out of your reach always) and pounce on it. You say "naan thodaikanum" (I want to mop) and infact proceed to do so too and a you do a nice job as well. We cannot get our job done if we dont give it to you. Though you are very agreeable when I say that you can do it after Amma finishes. You then patiently wait and then after i finish you take it over from me 

8) And then, the balls. Right now there is a brillinat helicopter toy (gifted by your perima and perippa) which sings rhymes and make all sorts of sounds with colorful lights. But are you bothered by it? Not at all. You are just roaming around with the 4 balls that came along with the helicopter. You are suppoed to drop the balls into the helicopter, but no.. you just want the balls and no amount of persuasion has made you play by dropping the balls into the helicopter


  1. nice.. but intha kaalathula our ponnu cooking cleaning interested aa.. nambamudiyala..ithu vayasu kolaru.. valra valara seriya

  2. Indha kaalathu kuzhandhainga ippadi irundhaa thaan paa, competitive of irruka mudiyum. Unna maadhiriyum, enna maadhiriyum arisi mittaai saaptundu, oru ooraamaa utkaandhundu irundhaa nu vechukoyen, apporam avaalum paazhaa pona IT la thaan kuppai kottanum :)

  3. see lot of things which are common in my kid also :-)...esp the mopping/throwing in the sink/spices/photo etc.c.
    wow...for a minute i felt i was reading about my daughter :-)..very good to sure u will have lot more fun in future based on my current experience now !!! Njoy !

  4. all dal names?? ennake thriyadhu.. konjam solli thara sollunga..
    n doesnt she recognise herself in tht photo?? interesting..
    lol@ soin's reply.. pir kalathil ennadan agudhu paapom..

  5. @soin : :) pakkalaam.. yenna nadakadhunnu
    @satish : true :) ivangalaavadhu vera vazhila pogattum
    @JB : :) will take your word for the forthcoming fun and looking forward to it
    @Vishnu : yeah.. she will swap the names, but knows the names. Yeah, she does recognize herself in the photo. thats y she wants to see it. she just calls herself "kutty paapu" as we call her that some times.


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