Thursday, October 15, 2009

Open the Door!!

OMG !!!

Right now, I am locked up inside a bedroom in my home and attending a conference call.  I am glued to the phone and concentrating on the call.

And what does Jillu do in the hall in the background? She keeps asking my mom for me and my mom is telling her that "Amma is working and you should not disturb". All these I hear through the closed door.

This is a normal happening. But what did actually prompt this post of mine?
A few seconds back (or the time it took me to type this post) she repeatedly screamed


while POUNDING on the door!

I never imagined I would be doing a live post, but then life is full of surprises! :)

And yes, she screamed the exact words and in English !!!


  1. atleast she dint threaten u with something that u threaten her with.. happened once to my sis and was comedy..atleast for

  2. @soin : Oh, yeah.. I am just counting the days for that to happen :)


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