Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Current Highlights !

Jillu had a new hair cut yesterday and she is looking fabulous, even if I say so myself :)

It’s only the second time hair cut and all 3 of us (Jillu, if she had known where she was headed to, her mom and dad, who very well knew it of course!) were not very keen on a repeat performance after the last one. However, in the best interest of all, what has to be done has to be done and we headed to the Naturals saloon! (me desperately praying that the brand name lives up to its reputation and some professionalism would magically wind down her wails)

We went there and I put-forth my basic request - "Trim her hair. Nothing fancy. Cut in the front so that it does not fall in her eyes and trim at the back as well." He went somewhere, came back and started with his job and said "Shall we do a Dora cut?"

Apparently my prayers were answered and the magic was about to happen!  I never knew she knew Dora! I don't know how (she does not watch Dora stuff in TV or CDs or whatever), but she knew and an arrested look came to her eyes the moment she heard the name! And that is all the sign I needed to boost her up and encourage her!

So, I don’t think it needs to be said that she didn’t bring the whole place down like she did last time. This time, it was all very dignified, only with small whimpering and protests here and there!

And it is thus that Jillu is now sporting a wonderful and magnificent Dora cut. All of us, including Jillu, love it.


  1. dora hair cut ah?? the one similar to the pic??
    neways nice technique for a haircut..

  2. my niece makes a hell out of this hair cut..so we get someone home,put her cartoon on tv and promise two bars of chocolate and get it done.sama paduthal athu..free

  3. @Vishnu : Yeah, the hair cut is similar to the pic

    @soin: how old is your niece ? Just to get an idea on how long before Jillu gets comfortable with a hair cut :), But my assumption was that it would be easier with girls as they like looking good.

  4. hey take a pic of Jillu with her new hair cut and post it along with Dora's pic na..

  5. the kutti is just above two years.. but another nephew who is like one and half is fine.. chamatha hair cut panipan ..free

  6. Ah, hair-cuts were always horrifying for me when I was young. Pacha pilla kitta poi kathiyum, kathirikolum kaamichaa, bayapadaama enna pannumaam :)


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