Wednesday, October 21, 2009

An early morning Rendezvous

with the unsuspecting pigeons and squirrels!

Jillu got up very early this morning and was not in the mood to go back to sleep.

So I decided to make the most of it and spend some quality time with her. Thus it is that both of us found ourselves in the terrace watching pigeons, squirrels and crows

When we entered the terrace, a flock of pigeons instantly flew away from us, into the sky. Immediately, Jillu said "Bayandhuttiyaa ? " (Were you scared?)
(to the pigeons, in case you were wondering!)

Then we saw a couple of squirrels running up and down a parapet wall. Once a squirrel stopped to eat some rice kept on the wall. Then it scurried away to the next scoop of rice on the same wall. Watching this, Jillu says "Innoru  mammam chaapardhu." (Eating the next course)

The early morning calm, with the chirrups and squeaks of myna and squirrel, the whole ambience was so nice that I was glad to have spared the time for this, especially because Jillu loved it :)

P.S : 
Addendum : To add to Jillu's  list of co-relating things, today when my mom had casually commented that her body was slightly warm (warmer than usual) she had said "Marundhu kudu" (Give me medicine)


  1. well a honest question-are working mothers like you ok that ur away from ur child for large part of the day,during the formative years,like the first three..i never got to ask this so offense if

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  3. @soin : well, if ever there was a loaded question, it is this and you are opening up a pandora box :) I don't think there can ever be a mother who can be "okay" with being away from her child, whatever the age may be. If I start writing about that, Blogspot cannot handle the load I guess :).But yeah, to answer in short, yes i extreeeemely mind that i am away from her

  4. ur girl is improving day by day.. and now only i know tht u r workin.. if u r not workin then i think jillu would be solvin 2nd standard maths right now..

  5. @Vishnu : hahaha.. thanks but 2nd std? that is indeed too much


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