Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A director in the making

Scene 1:

My Mom is entering the room with coffee cup in her hand and about to hand over to my Dad

Jillu's Directions:

"Thaathaa coffee vaangikko" (Grandad, take the coffee )
and while my dad is half way through his coffee, " Innu Konjam irukku paar. Baaki. Saapidu" (There is still some left. Drink)
Scene 2:
Jillu, me and her dad are in the car and her dad is driving

Jillu's Direction from back seat

slow a ottu, na? (Go slow, OK?)
Scene 3:
I am serving lunch to my dad

Jillu's Directions:

Pisinju Pisinju saapidu ( Mash well and eat)

and when he is done with the first course,

Innum konjam saapidu (Eat more)

Gada gada nu saapidu (Eat fast)
Baaki kai irukku paar (See? There is still some veggies left)
Scene 4:
I request my dad to switch off the fan before he plays with Jillu in the other room. He forgets, but however puts on the fan in the other room.
Jillu : Fan anachituu vaa (Switch off the van and come)

Scene 5:
Morning, coffee/milk time

Jillu's direction to my mom:

Inga vandhu thaachi (Come and lie down here )

paper padi (Read Paper)



  1. lol if a wife tell this to a husband its down right irritating..but kutti pasanga.. they can say all these with such innocence that it sound so cute.. free

  2. totally agree with soin..
    ippavae madam order panna arambhichutanga..


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