Friday, October 23, 2009

A few extras

sometimes really don't matter and bring a smile to your face :)

We have been teaching Jillu to say "May I come in ?" before opening closed doors. She has caught on to the concept very well. Normally kids wont be able to say all the words and hence they might leave out words in a sentence or shorten the word, whereas Jillu in this case ends up saying extra words that bring a smile to my face every time that she says it :)

She says "May am I come in ?" and even when we correct her, she seems to relish saying "May am I come in?"


Another incident that happened this morning also makes me smile :)

This morning, while I was cooking, I added tomatoes to the tawa and it made a "hoosh " noise. Immediately, Jillu said "Thakkaali yenna pannithu ?" (What did the tomatoes do?) 
and I laughed out loud :)

( To give a little background, (in case you did not know), Jillu always has always asked right from the beginning "Amma yenna Pan ?" (What is Amma doing? ) or "Appa yenna pan?" (What is dad doing?) and so on and so forth with grandma, grandpa, etc. And thus it is that she got to know everything, her vocabulary grew and hence the name of this blog as well)

Now Jillu has got around to asking such questions of objects and things as well :) hmmm...Tough/interesting times ahead for us.


  1. adhu.. actuala.. madam i come in nu solra.. ungalakku mariyadha koduthu solra.. aana ungalukku dan puriya matengudhu..

    lol@ thakkali..

  2. parava illa ponga.. intha vayasula ivlo thakkali..

  3. hhahaha.. so so cute.. these moments are priceless i tell u.. enjoy..
    hug to Jillu

  4. @Vishnu : hahaha..seringa sir. purinjakaren :) but tell me she says the same thing to her dad as well. Appo appa kkum madam a ?

    @soin : :)

    @AJCL : yeah, they are indeed priceless. all these will make a nice reading later on :). ok. done. will hug jillu on yr behalf :)

  5. adhu neengala irukum nu nenachu solra.. but it turns out to be her dad.. unga mela dan romba paasam polarku..

  6. @vishnu : nallaa irukku kaekarthukku.. nalla imagination...story writer a vara nalla chance irukku :)


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