Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jillu's Second Diwali !!!


Sounds everywhere ! Relentless it was with us not even able to hear our own voice !

I would like to say that amongst all these noise, chaos and clutter, Jillu was totally unfazed and undaunted. She let us burst all the crackers and was watching from a distance from my mom's hips and even went far enough to hold a couple of sparklers in her hands.

But alas, this did not happen:( If you did not notice my choice of words earlier - "I would LIKE to say that" and chose to misinterpret the meaning, then I am not to blame, am I?

But all is not lost as the above said thing did happen; but during last year's Diwali and since I was not blogging last year, it had to be written and recorded somewhere, right? And what better chance than right here in this post? And I would be failing in my duty towards Jillu's admirers if I did not take it upon myself to update regarding Jillu's brave front last year

OK, to get back to the matter in hand about this year's Diwali, it was a very low-key affair as Jillu was not in the pink of the health. She (and ofcourse, include me as well here) had not slept well the night before due to severe cold and cough and was obviously feeling the repurcussions of lack of sleep the next morning, in addition to the continuing cold and cough. In the evening, it was a case of "Bayam kalandha aacharyam" (fear in combination with fascination) with respect to the crackers. When she was inside, she would say "Pataasu paakanum" (I want to see the crackers bursting) and when we took her to the terrace to show her the splendind night sky lit with every colour that could be imagined she would say "bheymma ikku" (Note: Bheyem, not bayam;  bayam means being scared) and start crying. Not wanting to aggravate her health, (the smoke and pollution adding to the wheezing bit) we would come back home, only to the repeat request of ""Pataasu paakanum".

I would like to tell myself that she was scared of the crackers only because she was not well, for
- I, for one, was never afraid of them myself and
- She exhibited the same attributes last year :)

Well, only time will tell and till then I can do nothing, but wait


  1. nice.. maadi padi evvolo thadhava aeri aeranguneenga?

    lol @ bheyam and fear with fascination..

  2. for this i hope that these research people never come up with the technique to tweak our dna..free

  3. @vishnu: naanga ushaar illa. Lift la dhaane povom

    @soin: oh yeah..can't imagine such stuff happening


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