Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Note to Dad

Yesterday, I did not sleep much in the afternoon during my usual nap time. And when I was feeling sleepy in the evening, Paati put me to sleep around 5:00 PM in the evening. But, you tell me, which fun loving, active kid would like to sleep at that time? So I chose to sleep only for 45 mins or so, just enough to recharge my batteries and get rearing to go

And thus it is that Amma thought that I would sleep without any delay once the usual bed time routine was over. Amma was very much mistaken. But how would Amma know that I was not at all feeling sleepy? How would Amma know that I was missing you, Appa? But I really, really tried hard to sleep. Made all the right moves upon and around her. Really! And just when Amma thought that I was asleep (I know she thought so, because she normally very gently and slowly disentangles her fingers from my grasp, after I am asleep. She thinks I don't know, but somewhere at the back of my mind, somehow, I know. But don't tell her hmm?) , I sat up and said

"Appa yenga? Appa nee seekiram vaa" (Where is Dad ? Come soon. Dad)

Poor Amma! It was dark so I could not make out her expression. But she reassured me that you will come home soon and cuddled me ever so nicely! After that, I don't know if Amma put me to sleep or I her, but of course you know that when you came home late, you found both of us sound asleep!


  1. yena orey pheelingsa oru post..i know kids surprise and all.. but at this stage do u they think this much..know this much..ah yes these days the jobs r so heavy.. twenty years back r parents always had time to spend with us..sad these days evolution has brought this upon us..atleast ur kid is lucky to have thatha patti,to compensate to an extent.. when i see those kids in creeches and all..the way they light up when the parents come to pick them up.. sort of melting..free

  2. as soin said romba feelings.. touch panniteenga..
    i liked the post in a way that u wrote it as if jillu wrote it.. nice.. dad dan note pannanum.. doesnt he spend some quality time on weekends??

  3. jillu nee appava romba miss panitaya.. adukuthaan tungalaya.. poor amma.. may be next time she will make note of the same..

  4. @soin : you had be surprised by the amount kids knows these days. When Jillu was 8 or 9 months old, she knew that come evening I will be home and once my mom switches on the light thats the cue for her to know that i will be home soon and she used to watch the staircase eagerly to see if i was coming. appove appidinaa, ippo kaekave venaam.

    @vishnu : yellaam oru flow la vandhudhu.. didn't pause to think. yeah. he spends time during the weekends and whenever he can

    @shwetha : thankoo :)

    @AJCL : ammaam..naan miss pannen..anaan yeppidi solradhunu dhaan therila..adhaan appa yenga nu kaetten

  5. Got to know about your space from Jillu's dad. Am loving Jillu and the world through her eyes:-)

  6. Btw, why do dads keep the little ones waiting?

  7. @Vidya : Welcome to Jillu's world :). Glad that you enjoy reading about Jillu :)
    Oh, it happens in your world as well ? Mostly she's asleep before he's home these days. May be they want extra attention when they do meet?


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