Thursday, October 22, 2009





Whenever I sit in front of the PC, Jillu will come running and say  "Naan yezhudhanum. Naan Beeee, Bee, B yezhudhanum " (I want to write; Beee, Bee, B) and she will not relent until I open up a word doc or notepad for her to type. She knows the letter B (God only knows how she knows!) and types it (a constant deep press on the letter B).

Then, she knows the letter O and she has got to type that and hence the second line

Then, I would say, Saathvika S yezhudhu,, and there you see the third line. 
Her current lesson (in progress) is Jillu J. :)

Paavam ! Yenga veetu keyboard ku vaai irundhaa azhum :)


  1. b,s,a,j.. kudiya seekram rajni-the boss nu adichu post pana solunga..and make sure ur kid doesnt get to play fifa..i broke two keyboards playing this.bludy hp takes 4k to fix even a single

  2. correct boss dan.. 1 letter per day va??

  3. @soin : 4k to fix a single key yaa ? adhukku namba pudhu keyboard e vaangidalaame..

    @Vishnu : yep..trying

  4. well u cant fix a single key.. they change the whole keyboard.. down key illama munu varsham pazhagina.. then other keys also came off and i


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