Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Changu, Chakkaram,

Kavasam & Kundalam

for the past 2 weeks has been

one small ponds powder unopened case,
one shampoo bottle which has served its purpose,
one chocalate wrapper shaped pencil box and
one snack box and

not necessarily in the same order...


  1. en ippadi.. crazy mohan kitta ellathayum vangirkalamla..

  2. @Swetha : changu, chakkaram, kavasam, kundalam yellaam perumaal vittu yeppozhudhum vilagaadhu..koodaiye irukkum.. adhu pola, Jillu Kitta indha naalum irukku...24X7.. ippo purinjudhaa? :)

    @Vishnu : now its my turn to say puriyale :(
    crazy mohan yenna panaar?

  3. Without the clarification, I too would have got confused :) Idhaye Jillu unna pathi sollanum naa ... eppadi sollirupaa ??

    1 Laptop, either in standby or shutdown mode
    1 cell phone
    1 karandi or matthu on hand
    1 hand bag

    Not in any specific order ;)

  4. @Satish : I cannot hold everything at the same time 24x7. I can manage only 1, at the max may be 2 of those. But she has been carrying all 4 at all times :). Anyways, a good analogy :)

  5. wokie.. i misunderstood it too.. perumal vesham jillukku poteenga nu nenachan.. changu chakram kavsa kundalm thukku badila idha use pannenga nu nenachan.. thanks for the clarification..

  6. lol,;)i'm jus trying to visualize!!!


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