Tuesday, October 20, 2009

About turn

You could never have seen such an about turn anywhere. Only a month back, I had written this post about Jillu's aversion to medicine and the excuses she comes up with for not having them.

Now, its a complete turn around and you should see her now. I used to hide it behind my back then and take it out slowly after getting hold of her. Now, there is no need for any camouflage and when she sees me taking the medicine, she says

Amma Jillu ku miam (marundhu) tharaa (Amma is giving medicine to Jillu)
Thithi miam (Sweet medicine)
Ukkaachi saapidanum (Should sit and drink)
and she opens her mouth very willingly and with no protest
and the reversal is to such an extent that, after i finish giving her the needed 2 syrups, she asks

Amma innoru miam thaa (Amma, give me one more medicine) and once she actually said "Yummy miam" (Yummy medicine)

and I am still wondering about this miracle and what actually happened for this complete turn-around of events.

May be I should n't be too surprised if she takes another about turn the next time and goes back to the starting position once again?


  1. miam.. even i used to call medicine like them.. thanks for reminding me abt maself.. lol..
    i think she likes the alcohol.. lol..

  2. @soin : It was for the same sweet medicine that she brought the whole roof down last month :)

    @Vishnu: glad to have triggered your memories :)

  3. haha kids.. my son calls all his medicines juice and he is so besotted with them.. wont let go even after the prescribed dose.. so gotta hide even this from his sight..

  4. @ajcl : :) one month back i would have really been amazed. But now, i can relate :)

  5. Maybe the other medicines were not tasty. I usually give two options - injection or medicine. Then would give him lecture how he suffers in the night due to the cold/cough. So athukku bayanthunte avan saaptruvaan.

  6. Yeah,i can relate with u,my elder one wud turn the house upside down for having medicine,but after sometime[i dont remember when] he simply relished swallowing them,he'd sometimes slurp it like having a juice,gud transformations!!!!

  7. @chennai girl : She is at that stage where she does not know/recollect injections :). Normally she cries just for 1 minute for her shots and then forgets about it.But thanks for the idea :). Will be of use later :)

    @Radhs : :)


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