Monday, October 26, 2009

Bridge the gap

My uncle (my dad's bro - also known as "Konji thaatha" by Jillu ) and aunt has gone to U.S to be with their son and family (and that fmly is made of my cousin, his wife and 2 yr old son Anirudh)

Favorite past time of Jillu and her dad is to exclaim  "Baa" on to one's back or when one is not looking around. The idea is take people by surprise and Jillu has not yet caught on fully well to this idea. she will be standing right in front of you and you will be facing her and then she will still go ahead and exclaim "Baa".. Still, she is young and has a lot to learn.. poor thing...

Well, you might wonder why I am writing about two entirely unrelated topics. Now, read this conversation to know how Jillu, in her own unique way, seamlessly created the link between the two

Jillu : Konji thaathaa yenga? (Where is Konji thaathaa?)
Me : U.S la irukkaa (In the U.S)
Jillu : kausi paati yenga? (Where is Kausi Paati?)
Me : U.S la irukka (In the U.S)
Jillu : Anirudh yenga ? (Where is Anirudh?)
Me : Nee sollu yenga irukkaan? (Why dont u tell me ?)
Jillu : U.S la irukka (In the U.S)
Me : yes
Jillu : Konji thaathaa Anirudh paaaka poyirukkaa (Konji thathaa has gone to see Anirudh)
Me : (amazed) ammaan da thangam
Jillu : "Baa" Panna poyirukka.Poi "Baa" Pannuvaa (He will go there and do "Baa")
ME : ?????? what to say?

Could Only smile :)


  1. with the b she has been typing when ur sitting with ur system.. i guess she will soon type baa.. and shot it 2

  2. :) so cute.. kids and their inimtable ways

  3. ditto as swetha.. baaa... mudiyala.. sometimes.. we bcum speechless to the most simplest questions..
    andha "statue" game innum solli kodukala??

  4. @soin : idhu nalla idea vaa irukke.. try pannalaam

    @Swetha : Baaaaaaaa!!! from jillu

    @AJCL : :)

    @Vishnu : "statue" game solli tharalai.. naan romba velaiyaadinadhillai andha game.. but for jillu all games try panna vendiyadhu dhaan


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