Friday, October 16, 2009

An award for observation, memory power, or comprehension ?

Which one is most suitable ? Or is it all?

I know kids could be observant and the living proof is Jillu. But she really surpassed herself a couple of days back and absolutely stunned us all ! I didn't know she could be this observing, understand, relate so fast, remember and reproduce at the right time as well!

That morning, we were hunting around in her cupboard for a new dress for her and she was obviously watching the proceedings (she abounds with a lot of new dresses and she gets to wear a new dress on any and all occasion and the occasion was my dad's birthday) . I gave it to my dad so that he could help her into it.

And what does she do? Even before he approaches her, she says

"Kongamam thadavu" (applu kumkum onto the new dress).

There is this traditional habit of applying a small tinge of kumkum or turmeric to a corner of the new dress before wearing them. This little girl who is not even 2 yet, has observed this being followed on previous occasions, understood it and now here she is, telling us what to do! 

I am simply amazed!


  1. Hmm what to do yaar, unna vida un ponnu budhisaaliyaa irukku nu nenachaa ... unakku poraamaiyaa thaan irukkum, I can understand your peelingssss ;-))))))

    What to do, GOD creates few master pieces like Saathvika, myself very rarely ;))))) freeyaa vidu, poraama padaadha :))))

  2. @Satish : idhukku peru poraamai illa, perumidham. rendu-thukkum niraiya difference irukku.. you will know when your time comes :)

  3. agha...unga ponnu touch pannitanga..
    n totally agree with satish..

  4. @Vishnu : naan Satish ku sonnadhu dhaan ungalukkum. even if I do repeat myself : you will know when your time comes :)

  5. Kalakkara po Jillu!!! I really wish I was in Chrysler still, so we guys cud have talked all this out during our 'coffee' breaks!:)

  6. @Priya : Yeah, I miss you too :(, esp during coffee breaks :)


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