Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Excuses for avoiding medicine

The last time Jillu was sick, the medication was a 5 day course. The moment she saw the medicine in my hand, she used to say " xx Varudhu maa" (I want to go Potty). She realized that Potty takes priority over everything else and will be immediately attended to and she will be let off the hook. The first few times we really fell for it and then when she said it every time, we caught on to the idea.

This time again, the medication is a 5 day course and the excuse now has changed to "Thaachi Thoonganum maa" (I want to go to sleep). It is so funny that these dialogues come the moment she sees the medicine in my hands :)

Obviously, needless to say that the urge to go potty or the sleepiness vanishes immediately, soon after having the medicines.

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  1. rofl.. sema KD ya irukka unga ponnu.. neenga avala purijuirukeengalo illayo.. ava ungala nalla purinju vechuirukka..


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