Saturday, November 7, 2009

Roles Reversed II

You might have read this post where the roles were reversed earlier way as back as 5 months or so. This week, again the roles were reversed but in a totally different and in a so beautiful manner.

Normally, when we have some light dinner or breakfast in the form of fruits or vegetables, Jillu will come to us, peek into the bowl and take her pick. This was a good way to get her eating veggies and fruits, i thought, and let her do it. These days, I give her the same in a different bowl and she has it. 
But some days back, she had had her dinner already and I was having a bowl of fruits later. She came, saw what I was having and out of all assortments, was picking out papaya and guava for herself. I let her. 
After some time, she stopped eating and i didn't mind as she was already full. However, to my complete surprise, she started feeding me. 

"Amma, aa pottukko ma" (Amma, have one mothful !)

"Amma, avvu kadikkanum.. muzhungaadhe" (Amma, you must chew. Not swallow)

and one by one, she fed me the remaining bowl of fruits sitting on my lap:). Though I got my own instructions quoted back at me, I simply went with the flow and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

It would always be so lovely if and when our mom feeds us (sigh...i cant even remember this happening but surely must have happened though), but then being fed by your little toddler daughter ? mmmmm... lovely... amazing...a wonderful feeling and as beautiful as it can get.


  1. Sho shweet :) ithukelam puniyam pairukanumnga :) felt so wonderful to read this post... :)

  2. cha i remember my amma giving that thair sadham to me and my cousins sitting in a circle.she will place a small tennis ball size lump of it.and then as we make a small hole in it she will pour little vatha kozhambu.have grown too old for it but i feel like having it

  3. @gils : yeah, it was a wonderful feeling as i said. my life is full, right now :)

    @soin : oh yeah, i love that too. My perippa used to make us all cousins sit in a big circle and he would give a big ball sized lump and the competition will be on to see who finishes it first. What fun ! However, i sometimes request my mom to do it for me. And that still holds a lot of charm even now form me

  4. that's so so so sweet of Jillu!!!

    @soin: Even my mom does that wen all our cousins are there. We do it even now ( some of them are even married and their spouse also join us). Just that the circle is bigger now!! We can do this any time. No age bar ;)

  5. cherish these are so spontaneous...

  6. so cute.. i know how beautiful this feels

  7. @Swetha : :)

    @Sowmya : Oh, yes

    @AJCL : yes,wonderful moments :)

  8. ah.. sweet.. eppadiyo ungala vechu bowla gaali pannita..
    n ya tht eating in a circle is something i too miss.. tht doesnt suit me for rasam.. coz romba ozhugum.. good ol memories..

  9. @Vishnu : Yeah..i miss it too.. dhideernu yennikaana, i will ask my mom to do it for me :). I think the last time was 3 or 4 years back. I think its time for the next one :)


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