Sunday, November 8, 2009

Counter arguments

From the Denials, now its on to counter arguments

Whenever anything is against her wish, she has started to argue her case in her own way, albeit the reason being the same always

Before,When she put her thumb in the mouth, we say "Baaaaad", she takes her hand out and says "good". Now,we say "Baaad" and she says (still with her hand in the mouth mind you) " Ippo dhaan pottundu irukken" (I put it in just now!)

Some days back, as is the norm, she was in my arms as soon as she woke up. However, I had to put her down for a few minutes for attending to something else. So I told her "Get down kanna, I will just be back". She immediately said "Ippo dhaan amma madila ukkachikaren" (Just now, I sat in amma's lap)

 She was wearing a new dress (trial for size) and we wanted to change it so that it can be put on for a better occasion. You don't need a prize to guess her reply to that. Yes,
"Ippo dhaan pottunden"


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  2. hahaha.. Jillu u go girl.. u r such a joy to read.. im imagining ur amma having so much fun with u being around.. god bless

  3. Kalakkara Saathvi! :) I can only imagine the challenges you are going have to face as she grows up.. I see a very independent mind here..

  4. nan appavae sonnen idhu nadakumnu.. pasanga romba seekirama valaranga..
    but veral choopardhu ippa pannama eppo panna pora.. freeya vidunga..

  5. @Aparna : Oh, yes. I am having fun :)
    @Priya : Yeah, Priya, but I have you for guidance :). Your daughter is equally independent :)
    @Vishnu : freeya dhaan vidarom.. thats just a game we play.. she atleast has to realize that its not always suitable.


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