Monday, November 16, 2009

Writing style

See the proper and precise hold of the pen

Hard at work. She could be at it continuously with no need for supervision for more than 5 minutes which is an achievement in itself :). So when i need 5 minutes, you now know what i will make her do :)

And the result.....


  1. this is how my hand writing looks even now.intha mathiri yezhuthina doctor avanu soluvanga.. nambatheenga.. she iwll become engg

  2. wow.. its amazing how she holds the pen and wow what concentration.. Jillu I HAVE to meet u now..- (A journey called life)

  3. I am sure you and I cannot sit in one place and write like this :) not even for a minute.
    Naanaa irundhaa, sligtaa thoongirupen ;) enakkum pusthagathukum thaan otthe varaadhe :)

  4. @soin : there's a lot of time before we can see what her writing looks like :) now it cannot even be called writing :). But then yaa, i get your gist

    @Aparna : She has always been holding the pen this way right from the start:). Amazed me intially. So when r u visiting chennai?

    @Satish : hahaha.. yeah that posture makes you sleep na..i never thot abt that :)

  5. oh.. u hav put her foto.. sorry.. i came from the top.. but still face not visible.. azhaga paduthundhu ezhudura..


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