Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Perfect Imitation

Jillu is very well known for understanding and repeating whatever we say and there have been enough instances to prove the same. However, in my eyes, this takes the cake

A couple of days back, when I was putting Jillu to bed , as usual we were singing the usual set of songs.
Carnatic includes songs like
1) Alai Paayudhe, Kannaa
2) Broche vaa revaru raa
3) Krishna nee Begane Baaro
4) Jo achutha nanda jo jo mukundaa
5) Raara venu gopaa paalaa
6) Bajagovindam, bajagovindam

Rhymes includes
1) Chubby cheeks
2) Baba baba black sheep
3) Twinkle twinkle little star
4) Ding dong bell
5) Pussy Pussy cat
etc.. the list will go on to include another 10 or so

1) jai jai krishna (title song of krishna serial)

Usually, Jillu will be asleep before we cover everything in the list. That night, however, she was still wide awake even after we had gone over all. Then she said

"Amma, innum vera yenna padalaam maa? hmmmmmm? "(Amma, what else can we sing ma? hmmmmm?)
She actually did make the "hmmm" tone, the one that we use when we normally think aloud and it was so natural and convincing as well!!! And all I could do then was double up with laughter :)


  1. Hmmmm .. wow! when do kids learn so much! Awesome :)

  2. ennaku enna solardu ne teriyalai.. took me back to time with chotu.. its very very endearing all this..

  3. @Swaram: Yeah, they are like sponges and keep absorbing :)

    @AJCL : Chotu also did this? pleasure for taking you back in time :)

  4. Good one..My daughter also likes to see krishna papa on TV

  5. Does she watch Little Krishna? that comes on Nick? Awesome animation and good music. Check it out

  6. @Timepass : Welcome here :). yeah, Krishna is well loved by allkids, isn't it? :)

    @LIFE_REFACTORED: Welcome here. She used to watch that but I think there is a time clash with one of kirshna's serials. am not sure which. She watches the one in Vijay and Raj.


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