Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pretend Play

Jillu has never been over attached to dolls or soft toys (one of the reasons could be that I never gave her soft toys with fur as she in the habit of biting everything ). However, there are a few dolls (without fur obviously) lying around but she never plays with them much.

Lately, she has been wanting us to pet/flatter the doll as we do her. This was surprising because she used to cry if we did that before and she used to want all our attention. But recently, she comes to us, hands over the doll and says "Konju", "Appu ponnu sollu" and  keeps silently watching us pampering the doll. Only we feel awkward after some time (how long can we do this and there is a limit right?) and I switch back to pampering Jillu.

And, last week, after she had her dinner, she was playing with the doll and was talking to the doll. At first I didn't give my attention, but then immediately, I caught a phrase and I started listening to what she was saying. She was asking the doll her preference for dinner

"Nee thachi mammu chaapidriyaa, illa yummy pasta chaapidriyaa?" ("Do u want curd rice or yummy pasta?")

"yummy pasta chaapidriyaa illa thachi mammu chaapidriyaa?" ("Do u want yummy pasta or curd rice?")

"chollu paapaaa" ("Say naa baby")

(that night she did have Yummy Pasta for dinner !)

I laughed out loud and just could not stop. She had really noticed and realized that we always asked her the reverse way as well. You remember this right? She always chooses the second part of an option. She is yet to grasp the concept of options. So we ask her both ways to guage her needs and wants.


  1. nice.. tht was an awkward situation.. lol..
    ungalaye kalaikira unga ponnu..

  2. hahah so cute.. reminded of my son a few months back.. sometimes, when they do this talking, we actually get to reflect on how they perceive what we tell them.. its so useful to listen and observe them..

  3. @Vishnu : Oh, yeah. adhellam super a paanuva
    @Aparna : yup. absolutely true :)


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