Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Broken heart!!!

One day last week, I came home in the evening to find Jillu being non cooperative and generally creating problems for her grand ma by not eating. So fundoo, creative and innovative mama that I am, I pretended to cry by making wailing noise and squeezing my eyes and sobbed saying "Jillu saapida maatengaraa..mmmmm..hooooooooommmm....sob..sob..."(Jillu is not eating !!!)

and you know what? she said
"Azhaadhe amma.. naan samathaa irukken" (Dont cry mom. I will be a good girl). Wow !!! I was so touched and ecstatic that my girl was reacting in such a wonderful and caring manner. What more could I want?

My mom said  "Then come and have a mouthful and amma will not cry"

Jillu obliged. And I was so happy.

And then again the whole thing was repeated for the next mouthful. 
After some time, when I judged that the proceedings were okay and did not need my intervention, I was diverted and on to something else. Then guess what happened?
After a couple of mouthfuls, Jillu came to me and said
"Azhu maa, Azhu" (Cry mom !!!)
and there came my wonderful world crashing down to smithereens!


  1. hahaha.. my chotu says 'azhade ma' and that is where he will stop.. he wont eat..
    jillu- u r so much fun i tell u muah..

  2. lol.. atleast u shd be happy that she didnt tell the following lines the first time u cried.. "amma.. chumma acting pannadha"
    indha nenachu sirikardha illa ungala parthu paridhaba padardha nu ennaku theriyala..

  3. @Swetha : Oh. Yeah. My dad calls her "Kali kaala yaman " :)

    @AJCL : chotu is much smarter, he is not taken in by your actions :)

    @Vishnu : andha kaalamamum varum. :) paridhaba pada vendaam. I am enjoying myself :)

  4. ROTFL :D :D chaanceleenga :D jillu rocks...seriaana kaampetition for chotu :)

  5. //Kali kaala yaman//

    cha paavamga :)

  6. @gils ; Welcome :) My thaatha used to call me that and now my dad calls my daughter the same..the yaman kind of portrays the sharpness and smartness more than anything.. if you know what i mean.. so pavathukku yedame illai:)

  7. //the yaman kind of portrays the sharpness and smartness more than anything.. //

    :) i know :) bet my kids are going to be the most spoilt ones :D

  8. @gils : the trick is not to spoil them. Enjoy all you can but never ever spoil them. I have seen too many instances of spoilt kids and the result is not good, mind you. Did i take you too seriously? Ok, now enuf of lecture. let me stop. :)


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