Friday, November 20, 2009

Inexplicably Misconstrued !!!

While we were coming home yesterday, we saw a Juju (Jillu talk for Dog) on the road eating something from a paper lying on the road. 

I casually asked her, "Jillu, what is juju doing?"
She immediately replied "Koppu pidikardhu" (Jillu talk for "Koppalikardhu" ) which is basically goggling/rinsing one's mouth.

I was completely taken aback and am still amazed by the answer because I still cannot understand how she misconstrued a dog eating something to goggling :) and even now when I think about it, it makes me laugh :)


  1. really amazing.. having an "out of the box" view, which most people r void of..

  2. @priyadharshini : Welcome to Jillu's world! yeah, kids always offer a fresh view of everything :)

  3. koppu pidikardha.. yappa.. indha bashai lam eppadi dan kathukardho??
    she misinterpreted owing to the sheer fact that it was seeing upwards and had its mouth open..


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