Friday, November 13, 2009

Colour hopping

Some months back
everything you touched was aed (red in color)

One month back
everything you touched was bloo (blue in color)

One fortnight back
anything could be any (aed, bloo, yello, geen)

One week back, 
aeds are indeed reds
bloos are indeed blues
yellos are yellows and
geens are greens
At other times,
aeds are bloos and

bloos are aeds

but its not too far
aeds will always be reds and
bloos will always be blues


  1. kozhapureengala?? illa kozhambipoireekeengala??free

  2. so cute.. chotu ku innum.. all colours gween thaan..

  3. innum konja nalu wait pannunga.. but hw aeds bcum bloos and vice versa??

  4. @soin : Naan thelivaa irukken. Jillu colours kuzhambi poyirukkaa. Look like I have to stop my attempts at such writings:)

    @Aparna : :) Chotu is unique in this as well? gween?? Not geen ? hahaha

    @Vishnu : she still gets confused by the colors.


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