Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Roles Reversed

Yesterday, the roles were reversed and my 1.5 year old daughter said "No!" to me for distracting her from mischief!

When she is up to some mischief or harm, I usually say "No, Saathvika, No" shaking my head and waving my index finger

Yesterday, she was up to some mischief while I was not looking at her. When I found her out, I started to take her away from that place and she objected to it by saying, "No, Saathvika, No " and shaking her head as well at the same time :).

I started laughing. She didn't know enough to substitute "Saathvika" with "Mom"


  1. A beautiful blog like a blooming flower. thanks

  2. hahahaha - this was ultimate. This is what we call innocence and the one trait which we all have lost decades back. God Bless her ...

  3. Yes, Satish. I always wonder how nice it would be if we retained that innocence all through. mmm.. A big sigh

  4. haha.. over range.. romba pazhaya post.. so missed this..


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